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07/16/2012DylanLanguage Implementation 101
07/16/2012SlateLanguage Implementation 101
06/18/2012Gosling's design ruleWhy Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die?
06/04/2012Pro-TipSynth programming language concept
06/06/2012Sexism and racism? Can weSynth programming language concept
06/06/2012WorseSynth programming language concept
04/24/2012Restricted forms of evalQuantitative comparison of unit testing vs. static typing?
09/09/2011Less smugness about FPWhat needs to be done?
09/09/2011Not lost, just redirectedWhat needs to be done?
09/09/2011ToneWhat needs to be done?
09/09/2011Here's the thingWhat needs to be done?
09/09/2011"OO", great.What needs to be done?
09/09/2011MarketingWhat needs to be done?
09/09/2011MisconceptionForum Topics and Story
05/26/2011Maude is relatedYet another programming language with customizable syntax
05/27/2011No disagreementYet another programming language with customizable syntax
09/17/2010Some IdeasProgramming with touch?
09/17/2010Symbolics GeneraProgramming with touch?
09/17/2010Agreed :-)Programming with touch?
09/20/2010SqueakProgramming with touch?
09/21/2010DasherProgramming with touch?

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