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08/25/2010Separation LogicReading advice on memory management
02/17/2010I'm not that pessimisticA few billion lines of code later: using static analysis to find bugs in the real world
09/20/2009Sure, when you look atCoders at Work
09/13/2009Background of call/ccBackground of call/cc
09/13/2009Thanks, this looks reallyBackground of call/cc
09/13/2009Thanks for making theBackground of call/cc
09/14/2009What you write aboutBackground of call/cc
09/13/2009Thanks for the pointer,Background of call/cc
09/14/2009I can easily follow yourBackground of call/cc
09/15/2009You haven't explained whyBackground of call/cc
09/15/2009Thanks for the pointers, theBackground of call/cc
09/23/2009Book websiteStepanov and McJones: Elements of Programming
07/30/2008First-class commentsWhat to do about comments?
07/31/2008Agreed!What to do about comments?
09/25/2009ConfirmedBest Introduction To Monads For Newbies (& Especially Imparative Minds) I'v Ever Read!!!
07/30/2008Thanks!Yield Prolog
09/21/2009When you talk about coderuby vs python

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