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04/20/2006Wow, this is a really nice"Down with Lambda-Lifting"
02/01/2006A monadWhat is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
01/08/2006Found thisEffect Systems?
01/03/2006Stroustrup talking about C++0xStroustrup talking about C++0x
12/23/2005Back to BasicBack to Basic
12/23/2005HeheBack to Basic
11/28/2005Monads in MirandaCollection of links to monad implementations in various languages.
11/29/2005Ok, since, in haskell, monadsCollection of links to monad implementations in various languages.
11/23/2005My first programming course aCode Reading
07/18/2005I did almost the same thing (Automatic type inference via partial evaluation
06/23/2005When i'm really having troublHow To Read a Paper
11/10/2004Beterschap!Quick update
10/31/2004Design By Contract in CDesign By Contract in C
11/01/2004I don't knowDesign By Contract in C
12/05/2004Saussure's Structuralism?What's a definition of "type" that beginners can understand?

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