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05/21/2009Budapest FP MeetupBudapest FP Meetup
05/18/2009PPIGA paper on psychology and programming
04/14/2009RadarScala Lift Off 2009
04/14/2009poor COBOL programmersADD 50 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL
12/13/2008AppelSelf Taught Computer Science
12/05/2008where to go then?FP Jobs
11/26/2008refereed journal with open access?refereed journal with open access?
11/26/2008Thanksrefereed journal with open access?
09/22/2008Reppy's workBest way to interface with C/C++?
04/02/2008Concurrent ML?Erasmus: A Modular Language for Concurrent Programming
01/25/2008Manticore?Embedded concurrent FPish languages?
12/26/2007PLT online?PLT online?
11/05/2007Don't rush!PL research & grad schools?
11/20/2007Re: Contacting academicsPL research & grad schools?
11/02/2007SML to javascriptTechnometria: Google Web Toolkit
09/25/2007ML5Tim Bray and Erlang
03/30/2007Fog thesis linkLALR grammar of C++
01/10/2007Why people don't use functional programming?Why people don't use functional programming?

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