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07/11/2010No concurrency between tasks?The Rust Language
07/13/2010Hardware/OS thread is the wrong primitive for parallelismThe Rust Language
07/13/2010Sure, but why couldn't tasksThe Rust Language
07/14/2010Think about the overhead forThe Rust Language
07/18/2010Could you be more specific?The Rust Language
07/24/2010What do you mean byThe Rust Language
07/14/2010Not really. I was pointingThe Rust Language
07/24/2010Yes, that would certainlyThe Rust Language
09/05/2009How about a strict data parallel subset?The End of the GPU Roadmap
09/18/2007What? Surely they scale justUniqueness Types Instead STM
09/21/2007How about something likeUniqueness Types Instead STM
02/16/2008Consider this examplePatrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
02/09/2007Exactly!Patrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
02/09/2007When I say STM I should bePatrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
01/01/2010C++ hasn't done "everythingThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
01/10/2010We use a shader builder forThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages

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