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05/27/2006In Common Lisp patternStealing language features for fun and profit in Ruby
05/27/2006I think in Smaltalk anStealing language features for fun and profit in Ruby
05/21/2006It realy must depend on theEthnographic Study of Copy and Paste Programming Practices in OOPL
05/14/2006It sounds verry much like aThe Cat Programming Language
05/15/2006They are logic languagesThe Cat Programming Language
05/18/2006is there any papers anywhereThe Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/03/2006We use that book at theProofs are Programs: 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing
04/21/2006I guess the problem withTinyScheme Revived
04/21/2006I dont think i understandFunctional single argument style object oriented programming
04/06/2006yeah, espesially as GvR'sPython 2.5a1 released
04/06/2006Can't you do that just bypublic vs. published interfaces
04/06/2006otherwise, perhaps "X is thePurity in PLT
04/01/2006you mean like regularUniform Proofs as a Foundation for Logic Programming
04/02/2006Interpretation of interpretationClass hierarchies and Ontologies
03/30/2006Becourse its way shorter?Class hierarchies and Ontologies
03/29/2006No, its not that hard,Type Inference in Object Oriented Languages
03/28/2006Actually i think they arelogic/constraint/relational programming?
03/28/2006well having polytypism toGeneric Haskell II
03/27/2006All language that I know ofExtremely static language?
03/27/2006Actually the static typingExtremely static language?
03/27/2006But arent you confusingExtremely static language?
03/27/2006To me, the only connectionExtremely static language?
03/29/2006Or put another way, won'tExtremely static language?
03/22/2006or eh common lisp..Multimethods in a latently typed language?
03/20/2006I dont think you can usesublanguages of CTM's Oz
03/16/2006but we have lots of peopleProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
03/17/2006Why would you want to doACM Queue: On Usability of Programming Languages
03/09/2006To me it seems that if youWhen is one thing equal to some other thing?
02/28/2006I always thougth aStroustrup: A Brief Look at C++0x
02/22/2006I think the point is thatGilad Is Right
02/22/2006I think that a language mustGilad Is Right
02/23/2006I dont think anyone isGilad Is Right
02/23/2006By checking that its inputGilad Is Right
02/23/2006Sure you can. you can giveGilad Is Right
02/24/2006it isn't an advantage.Gilad Is Right
03/01/2006To my knowledge all optionalGilad Is Right
03/02/2006Yes, the paper talks aboutGilad Is Right
02/24/2006You assume that you onlyGilad Is Right
02/25/2006And partial evaluationGilad Is Right
02/25/2006I was reasoning thatGilad Is Right
02/25/2006Yes, I agree.Gilad Is Right
02/18/2006No, from that I heard theAccidental Syntax
02/15/2006I would think the reason forGuido: Language Design Is Not Just Solving Puzzles
01/10/2006"Lisp data is only code if thTim Bray: Don't Invent XML Languages
01/10/2006I would think that most objecSingleton classes really that bad?
01/10/2006Does your type system have stSingleton classes really that bad?
01/09/2006Fortress is doing it, but forClassic CS Texts
12/23/2005I think your attitude that woThe undergraduate language course: what to do?
12/16/2005I think the point is that bOtCountering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling
12/11/2005To me this looks alot like thIs this a new programming paradigm
12/16/2005Depending on what kind of lanCPS without GC?
12/09/2005I'm not sure about that termiTypes and reflection
12/09/2005I didn't mean to say that intTypes and reflection
12/10/2005I dont think I understandTypes and reflection
12/11/2005OK. I think I understand now.Types and reflection
12/08/2005Just because your not using aEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
12/03/2005I think you could find use foThe breaking point of language usability?
12/12/2005purity and monadsThe breaking point of language usability?
12/12/2005Yes I can see that view to. IThe breaking point of language usability?
11/24/2005There is basicaly no problemsDependent types: literature, implementations and limitations ?
11/24/2005ToyMonads in Ruby
11/18/2005I read the last spec, Is therFortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/18/2005ThanksFortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/10/2005It should also be mentioned tCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
11/12/2005I think in some ways the cornOCaml 3.0.9
11/11/2005It's my understanding that reBattling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/10/2005Yes except i don't understandBattling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/10/2005Wouldn't every language haveBattling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/10/2005Yes, I'm not objecting to theBattling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/16/2005Well you could for example maBattling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/10/2005I actually use a garbage collClassification according to type vs function - An anecdote
11/10/2005hm, reference counting I thinClassification according to type vs function - An anecdote
11/04/2005I think that the only thing tProgramming Language Names
11/07/2005A bit like Haskells: wherSlashdot asks: "how would you improve SQL?"
11/01/2005No, making the compiler execuThe Type-System-Feature-Creep Death Spiral
10/30/2005yes, but is this any diffrentDoes Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
11/01/2005Hm, do you know anywhere youDoes Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
11/02/2005"But this would seem to fallOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/02/2005InterestingOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/03/2005Becourse the hassle of implemOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/03/2005For example lisp functions liOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/03/2005Uhm, yes I am an academic, anOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/04/2005Well Anton gave you an examplOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/04/2005AcceptedOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/04/2005I don't see why the contractsOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/05/2005But if you program a softly tOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/04/2005the point isn't that it can'tOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/04/2005OOPSLA 2005 ReportsOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/04/2005"... you can't make a runtimeOOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/05/2005As I have previously stated,OOPSLA 2005 Reports
11/04/2005Well static typing will allwaOOPSLA 2005 Reports
10/26/2005uhm, is there a link to thisPre-LINQ: rich object management in your PL
10/25/2005Yes it isWhy Lists?
10/25/2005Its the lack of sharing thatWhy Lists?
10/25/2005I think the definition is thaWhy Lists?
10/25/2005ViewsWhy Lists?
10/30/2005It seems that there is a diffWhy Lists?
11/01/2005I guess you can say that itsWhy Lists?
10/24/2005It was my understanding thatLinear types for aliased resources
10/31/2005As I understand it the wholeLinear types for aliased resources
10/22/2005I think this is a quite goodWhat do you mean by studying "programming languages"?
10/22/2005Actually you do both with exaBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/25/2005I just have to mention.C#: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Interview with Anders Hejlsberg
10/20/2005Of course they have a card deMultigame A Very High Level Language for Describing Board Games
10/22/2005After having looked in to theBest default sequence?
10/19/2005how can the std::vector haveBest default sequence?
10/19/2005Oh! I thought insert was "appBest default sequence?
10/19/2005Do you mean doing an destructBest default sequence?
10/19/2005Some thoughts:Best default sequence?
10/17/2005Well some people in the starExpressions vs Statements
10/17/2005I think its a question of fleExpressions vs Statements
10/10/2005Actually there is nothing thaThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/10/2005for all \= for eachThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/12/2005I'm not sure we understand eaThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/12/2005uhm, yeah know that you mentiThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/10/2005Have you heard of a thing calThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/10/2005Well the fysical laws of ourThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/11/2005Actually you can't compute itThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/06/2005well the fold version isn't rScoping based on control flow graph
10/07/2005Oh! is there an implementatioScoping based on control flow graph
10/04/2005Yes, that seems to be the ideThe English-Likeness Monster
10/04/2005Yes. Both Smalltalk and RebolThe English-Likeness Monster
11/10/2005I was wondering those "!" isIvory, an experimental declarative programming system
09/23/2005I hear Ocaml and Logix have sNon-Lisp, natively extensible?
09/26/2005Just wonderingWhat is Intuitive?
12/08/2005Yes, I got an answer furtherWhat is Intuitive?
09/23/2005Actually a litle more thingsWhat is Intuitive?
12/06/2005It's all to easy to generalizWhat is Intuitive?
09/22/2005The best programing languageRuby: Language of the Programming Übermensch?
09/23/2005In most (all?) science peopleRuby: Language of the Programming Übermensch?
09/23/2005It would seem as Common LispRuby: Language of the Programming Übermensch?
09/24/2005Yeah, those are really nice fRuby: Language of the Programming Übermensch?
09/24/2005I'm sorry but I can't see whaRuby: Language of the Programming Übermensch?
09/25/2005Can't you just add a before cRuby: Language of the Programming Übermensch?
09/21/2005foo 4:r = 1 : foo rfoo "fouDynamic typing in OCaml
09/21/2005>If nothing else, types helpDynamic typing in OCaml
09/19/2005Well nobody realy mentioned "Functional multi-method programming language
09/22/2005not a general propertyMost Productive FP Lang?
09/20/2005I think the problem with puriMost Productive FP Lang?
09/20/2005I think the idea is that youMost Productive FP Lang?
10/05/2005Well I would say that a cons-Yearning for a practical scheme
10/05/2005In relation to which elementYearning for a practical scheme
08/24/2005Not to mention Self-LearningShould Computer Science Get Rid of Protocols?
08/24/2005"We will tell it what the proShould Computer Science Get Rid of Protocols?
08/25/2005Just wan't to mentionWhen to create syntax?
08/27/2005Well, I wasn't realy contesting your point.When to create syntax?
08/18/2005s-expressionsNeko 1.0
08/20/2005good pointsNeko 1.0
10/06/2005Uhm. That a language is turinInvariants/Contracts vs. types
08/13/2005I think one important thing tLarger Subroutines == Fewer Defects
08/01/2005I think you can do that in CoNew Fortress Specification
12/20/2005Exactly what do you mean by sAdbmaL
12/20/2005mm, yeah I seem to be confusiAdbmaL
09/29/2005higher-order functionsFrom Perl Monks: "pissed off about functional programming"
09/29/2005It seems that you are confusiFrom Perl Monks: "pissed off about functional programming"
10/21/2005Well, all those people said tthe Chinese natual language

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