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02/08/2007Because we are considering partially correct programs...Termination Checking with Types
02/09/2007In Haskell, again, theWhy people don't use functional programming?
12/11/2006Perhaps for some. Others,Date format in the forum
09/18/2006Nowadays you'd just learnWhy Johnny can't code
09/12/2006It's used to build parsersParser that allow syntax extensions
08/23/2006I'd have thought that theTechnometria: AJAX Progress and Challenges
08/01/2006I took Paul's commentCost of provably-correct code
07/04/2006Google scholar is youronline literature on CPL?
07/04/2006So you are bored and want toLexical structure of scripting languages
06/27/2006I'm not sure thatLtU: Policies document
06/19/2006If by "support" you meanWhy only 'minimal' languages
06/10/2006I'm not sure that there'd beLtU: blog not forum!
06/02/2006In Transactional memory withType checking and logical errors
06/02/2006Which can ensure thatType checking and logical errors
06/02/2006I know, that was theType checking and logical errors
06/02/2006I know. What I'm getting atType checking and logical errors
06/03/2006My approach allows for aType checking and logical errors
06/03/2006Sorry, I'm not particularlyType checking and logical errors
05/29/2006Namespaces, scoping, etc.Namespaces, scoping, etc.
05/29/2006The JRuby people are workingBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
05/27/2006Is there a reason you don'tStealing language features for fun and profit in Ruby
05/27/2006[R]esulting in the type ofStealing language features for fun and profit in Ruby
05/25/2006Changes...Transactional memory with data invariants
05/18/2006No optimization can mess upruby vs python
05/14/2006This sounds reallyThe Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/04/2006I, for one, detest info(1).Your favourite editor/IDE
05/02/2006Indeed, you are correct. ItProofs are Programs: 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing
05/03/2006the Skein, which is aNatural Language Programming for Interactive Fiction
04/27/2006I've never looked at Oberon,Oberon Script. A Lightweight Compiler and Runtime System for the Web
04/28/2006Is it like a fungus, aOberon Script. A Lightweight Compiler and Runtime System for the Web
05/16/2006Can you clarifyHow do Java generics correspond to System F-(omega)?
04/25/2006It's in Java?Build your own scripting language for Java
05/03/2006Not really. I probablyBuild your own scripting language for Java
04/20/2006Which seems off topic and meta-topic both.Lang .NET 2006
04/13/2006Having worked in languagesFlexible Addition of Static Typing to Dynamically Typed Programs
04/14/2006Its all a question of formFlexible Addition of Static Typing to Dynamically Typed Programs
04/15/2006A revelationFlexible Addition of Static Typing to Dynamically Typed Programs
04/01/2006You know, I didn't evenPHP 6 picks up GOTO and COMEFROM
03/28/2006R is really popular inThe R Project
03/29/2006See also the RETE algorithm,ObjectiveCLIPS Updated
03/27/2006On loading a module, do theExtremely static language?
03/21/2006Essential Language Support for Generic ProgrammingEssential Language Support for Generic Programming
03/17/2006I'll admit that I didn't payThe Problem With Parsing - an essay
03/21/2006While we're at it, why don'tThe Problem With Parsing - an essay
03/20/2006Esperanto evolved duringSocial science research about programming language adoption?
03/20/2006The point that was made toSocial science research about programming language adoption?
03/25/2006Programming: 50, 100 years from nowProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
12/06/2006ProbablyVirtual Machines, Language Runtimes, and the Future of Objective C
03/12/2006Some of the questionsACM Queue: A Conversation with Steve Ross-Talbot
03/11/2006UML?Visualisable Languages
02/26/2006And at the...An Expressive Language of Signatures
02/27/2006Oops, forgot about theAn Expressive Language of Signatures
02/21/2006It seems to me that thisThe C Family of Languages: Interview with Dennis Ritchie, Bjarne Stroustrup, and James Gosling
02/16/2006That's a different word: oneChu Spaces
02/13/2006One of the honours studentsInterval Computations
02/02/2006I think that the committeeA New Haskell and those anxious to change
02/16/2006If you put an object in twoThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/01/2006Not just sequence. They,What is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
01/31/2006and "the persistence layerNaked Objects
02/08/2006I think PL enthusiasts haveLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/08/2006This is a bit of a weirdLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/09/2006The "monadic" of "secondLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/01/2006Interesting paper...Rho calculus
01/26/2006It also ignores the reallyPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/28/2006...namely the lack ofPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/29/2006Part of the coolness (in myPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/27/2006Now that's a well arguedBeyond LINQ: A Manifesto For Distributed Data-Intensive Programming
01/22/2006Linux's of various stripe -Choice of OS of LtU readers
01/27/2006It sounded like hyperbole toChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/26/2006Though I loathe to lower theChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/27/2006Operating systems like UNIXChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/27/2006I don't write software forChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/18/2006I didn't get much more from tGAWK (GNU AWK) for AI?
01/17/2006I have never found my experiePaul Vick: Language Design & Paying the UI "Tax"
01/13/2006What is the alternative?Singleton classes really that bad?
01/16/2006I can imagine that thread-locSingleton classes really that bad?
01/02/2006On the hardware front the TRIDataflow languages and hardware - current status and directions
01/05/2006It is not obvious that usingDataflow languages and hardware - current status and directions
01/12/2006Both of which are examples ofReturn of the Global Variables?
12/26/2005While I agree in principal, IInsights on teaching computer programming
12/02/2005Shouldn't this be in LtU ForuAre we missing out on fancy types?
12/03/2005The code in this paper seemsLock-Free Data Structures using STMs in Haskell
12/02/2005Just closing the italic tag...Conjunction types
12/01/2005A preprocessor, IDE, or debugGetting started in language design -- reading material?
11/17/2005If Rails will make Ruby the nRuby the Rival
11/16/2005Unicode as the main reason foCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
11/17/2005I didn't say that they were,CaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
11/11/2005The Metronome people at IBM hBattling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/06/2005And moreover - why not? If thProgramming Language Names
10/30/2005This sort of thing (in a handThe Type-System-Feature-Creep Death Spiral
10/25/2005If their life was at stake, tBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/18/2005IIRC, the main difference isObject Oriented Programming + Referential Transparency
10/12/2005MicrosoftFormal methods used in developing "profitable" software
10/10/2005The halting problem...The Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/12/2005I take analyse to be a univerThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/03/2005That is, in my opinion, the aLtU etiquette
04/25/2006A few examples...Persistent functional databases
10/05/2005Yearning for a practical schemeYearning for a practical scheme
08/13/2005We discussed Adam and Eve, tSyntax Design
08/08/2005A self-hosting interpreter?Have scripting languages peaked?
08/05/2005Lack of a contract.Overloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/05/2005Off topicSo what's Right and what is Wrong with the GNU GPL?
08/05/2005I think that it's important tObjective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.
08/09/2005Not to be rude or anything..Objective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.
08/09/2005A definition, a clarification and a suggestion.Objective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.
08/05/2005"One, if not the central charObjective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.
08/03/2005"What exactly are those effecMercury Vs Prolog
08/03/2005Haskell (which is non-strictMercury Vs Prolog
08/06/2005I don't like your dislike of the word "proof".Mercury Vs Prolog
08/06/2005What is logic about, if not sMercury Vs Prolog
08/02/2005Sounds like data-flow concurrThe Simplicity of Concurrency
08/01/2005Language Evolution applied to PLTLanguage Evolution applied to PLT
08/01/2005Parsing expression languagesParsing expression languages
08/01/2005Yes, yes it is...An interview with Chris Date
07/31/2005It's my impression (from theCTM tour during the week of Nov. 7
07/28/2005Or perhaps the schools which[Fun, crass] The Daily WTF
06/23/2005I am reminded of a quote...Why recursing is better than looping
06/23/2005Portability -> safety?Embedded Languages in Java
06/12/2005 learning computer languages faster than monol.
06/10/2005An Efficient Implementation of Self, a Dynamically-Typed Object-Classes or prototypes
05/25/2005The halting problem does notParameterized Unit Tests
05/27/2005I think that the above can beParameterized Unit Tests
05/16/2005See your local libraryResources related to logic?
05/13/2005The logic of communicating on channelsThe logic of communicating on channels
05/12/2005Mathematical and logical symbolsWhy Dependent Types Matter
06/10/2005Straw man?Why do they program in C++?
03/08/2005It can have problems...JavaScript and domain specific Languages
03/09/2005That was kinda the point :-).JavaScript and domain specific Languages
12/19/2006I think that Achilleas'Transparent Persistence
01/14/2005Both of these comments are correct (IIRC).Ian Bicking: The challenge of metaprogramming
10/23/2005Really, Really OT: I'm just a curious as youthe Chinese natual language
10/25/2005I was thinking more of aimingthe Chinese natual language
10/26/2005My guess is that these modesthe Chinese natual language
10/26/2005There has been a bit of workthe Chinese natual language
10/26/2004GMail accountsGMail accounts
10/27/2004All goneGMail accounts
10/31/2004I've got some more, if people still want them...GMail accounts
11/20/2004And I've got 6 moreGMail accounts
11/28/2004All gone.GMail accounts
12/09/2004More invites hereGMail accounts
10/13/2004Sentinals in DB programming?Rel: an open source implementation of Date & Darwen's Tutorial D
09/23/2004References for Beginners in PL TheoryReferences for Beginners in PL Theory

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