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04/02/2010Coupling control flow and data flow in response to errorsGo's proposed panic/recover exception-like mechanism
12/29/2009Sample vs. DistributionIs (probabilistic) non-determinism pure ?
12/06/2009Consortium or wiki?Is Small Still Beautiful?
10/11/2009Recursive datatype + delimited continuationsRecursive type for yielding function
10/14/2009I agree that was a trivialRecursive type for yielding function
08/17/2009monads, type and effect systems, linear typesfunctions vs procedures..
08/20/2009Yes, but that wasn't the point:functions vs procedures..
09/17/2008debuggingPublishing negative results: single-assignment Lisp
09/15/2008lexically-scoped dynamic bindingPublishing negative results: single-assignment Lisp
09/16/2008Limiting dynamic overridesPublishing negative results: single-assignment Lisp
06/06/2008How to transform lambda-calculus programs to combinatory logichelp with understanding combinatory logic
11/25/2007Comparing effect systemsA survey and discussion of taming effects
08/20/2007alpha conversion or substitution?A question on free variable capture.
08/20/2007beta-reductionA question on free variable capture.
08/10/2007See "MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters"Good real world example on map/reduce/filter
03/19/2007imperative/proceduralQuestion on categorizing a language
03/21/2007Scheme for an AVRPico Lisp: A Case for Minimalist Interpreters?
01/12/2007explicit or implicit disambiguation?Intellisense for dynamic languages
12/24/2006Closure = Function x EnvironmentQuestion about closures and higher-order functions
12/23/2006A few questionsQuotation and evaluation -- or, how pure is the pure lambda calculus?
12/24/2006ClarificationsQuotation and evaluation -- or, how pure is the pure lambda calculus?
10/02/2006Making recursion explicitIs "post OO" just over?
08/27/2006ImprovementsImplementing arrays
08/29/2006Re: Good catchesImplementing arrays
06/03/2006reminds me of ChimpOSHop: a Language for Programming the Web 2.0

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