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11/14/2007Any suggestions for nontraditionals?PL research & grad schools?
11/16/2007ConstraintsPL research & grad schools?
11/16/2007Contacting academicsPL research & grad schools?
03/24/2007The nice thing about standards...Have to spell out Standard ML from now on...
03/23/2007Text is limited 2-d?No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
12/06/2006PVS, ACL2, Coq ...PVS goes open source
12/11/2006Applications in medical systems?PVS goes open source
11/29/2006Not at all my undergrad courseCheat Sheet
09/14/2006PragmatismDraft R6RS available
06/08/2006I'm just a tyro but...Joshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
06/08/2006OptimizationJoshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
06/09/2006Error!Joshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
12/18/2005gawkinet is old newsRevisiting AWK
12/27/2005lots of little toolsRevisiting AWK
09/01/2005Plurals...Ruby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
07/30/2005Yes, againAn interview with Chris Date
07/30/2005Code is a liabilityAn interview with Chris Date
08/02/2005Read the basics...An interview with Chris Date
08/02/2005It's not about queriesAn interview with Chris Date
08/01/2005Apples and orangesAn interview with Chris Date
08/01/2005Date doesn't say you shouldn'An interview with Chris Date
08/02/2005Take it as a complimentAn interview with Chris Date
04/11/2005The glue was solved long ago...Dominus talks about HO Perl
04/12/2005Domain specific vs. domain independentDominus talks about HO Perl

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