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07/05/2007asynchronous fail hard / fail overAsynchronous calls and error handling
07/05/2007Does Erlang supportAsynchronous calls and error handling
07/06/2007in the context of theAsynchronous calls and error handling
07/06/2007Does this imply that anyAsynchronous calls and error handling
06/20/2007this comparison study byPLs and large scale development
06/21/2007Most lines of code I canPLs and large scale development
06/21/2007this reminds me of this veryPLs and large scale development
06/14/2007loosely coupled componentsDistributed Objects vs. Messaging
06/21/2007Well, it encourages couplingDistributed Objects vs. Messaging
05/30/2007rather a disadvantagefunction overriding workaround in dynamically typed languages
05/05/2007it's been feasable for more than a decadeFunctional Object-Oriented Programming
05/06/2007Functional Object-Oriented ProgrammingFunctional Object-Oriented Programming
01/23/2007no -foptimize-sibling-calls for pointer indirected callsCompiling tail-calls to simple C?
12/12/2006But other side-effects,Exceptions
12/06/2006iterators"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
11/26/2006I'm really impressed withGrammar Visualization
11/23/2006Peyton-Jones and Harris discuss STM (1h video)Peyton-Jones and Harris discuss STM (1h video)
11/12/2006There is a very close fitFunctional programming and software engineering
11/12/2006applicability to asynchronous protocol testing?Testing Telecoms Software with Quviq QuickCheck
11/01/2006pivot, the discussedA rationale for semantically enhanced library languages
11/02/2006i agree that this is anA rationale for semantically enhanced library languages
10/31/2006abstractionCode generation vs. dynamic/introspective languages
10/18/2006the ieee security & privacySystem-level Static Analysis
10/16/2006the two schemes you areBlock-scope
10/16/2006i was not implying that theBlock-scope
10/17/2006you are right..Block-scope
09/30/2006eclipse compilerWhich Java compiler for a student/research project?
09/25/2006objections...SSA + Type Inference = "Compile time" dynamic typing, "runtime" static typing?
09/19/2006teaching outside of the boxWhy Johnny can't code
09/11/2006dynamic parser != dynamic rule compositionParser that allow syntax extensions
09/11/2006parsec sounds like the thingParser that allow syntax extensions
09/11/2006wether you plan to allowParser that allow syntax extensions
09/11/2006monads never cease to amaze..Parser that allow syntax extensions
08/29/2006design docs links c/c++design docs links c/c++
08/28/2006nice idea.Implementing arrays
07/25/2006interestingly enough...Cost of provably-correct code
07/18/2006This is a good point, butAdvantages of Soft Typing
07/21/2006i am more confused by theAdvantages of Soft Typing
07/07/2006creating a problem for the solutionFailure-oblivious computing
07/08/2006Failure-oblivious computingFailure-oblivious computing
07/05/2006Another limitation notDSLs and operator associativity/precedence
06/23/2006why do a petition?Petition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/23/2006well...Petition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/24/2006difficultiesPetition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/29/2006there is also reflexPetition for adding garbage collection to C++.
08/21/2006In the Google map/reduceFolding neither Left nor Right (or how to avoid overspecifying the solution to a problem)
03/30/2006Also, how exactly is theClass hierarchies and Ontologies
03/28/2006i would recommend russel andlogic/constraint/relational programming?
03/17/2006lokiDesign Patterns as Higher-Order Datatype-Generic Programs.
02/02/2006conservatism where sensibleA New Haskell and those anxious to change
08/28/2006Another problem which isApple: procedural -> OO -> AOP -> advanced procedural
09/09/2006stereotyping is not very constructive, and...expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/09/2006My first complaint aboutexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
01/12/2006maybe...The fate of reduce() in Python 3000
11/18/2006one link says more...Understanding continuations

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