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08/31/2011Project page...PHP language research
04/26/2011No funIteration function in lambda calculus
04/27/2011Fun vs funIteration function in lambda calculus
05/04/2011Functional equationIteration function in lambda calculus
03/25/2011Missing (-)Modern Eiffel
03/13/2011Hilbert's hotelReference request: running out of countably many variable names
09/03/2010FIShJ's concepts rank, composition, and GC
08/20/2010Numeric woesThe Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/20/2010… and a pony!The Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/03/2010Reply with 'reply'?Looking for a language like...
03/08/2010PerlAlternative method for defining statically typed variables
02/09/2010Pure Prolog?Why prolog is by far the best, most productive, easiest programming language
02/09/2010Not the only complete ordered fieldContinuity Analysis of Programs
02/09/2010Computable numbers are notContinuity Analysis of Programs
02/09/2010Confusion of decidability with truth?Continuity Analysis of Programs
02/09/2010It is the same as sayingContinuity Analysis of Programs
02/03/2010Extreme non-choosinessExtreme non-choosiness
02/03/2010Mathematically invisibleFormal treatments (or examples of) of "function concatenation"?
02/03/2010Not an integerDepends on what "is" is
02/11/2010Tuples and ringsBabel-17 v0.2 spec is out
02/03/2010Link correctionThe Recruitment Theory of Language Origins
12/29/2009Flat representation of distributionsIs (probabilistic) non-determinism pure ?
12/29/2009Functional, but with implicit domainIs (probabilistic) non-determinism pure ?
12/25/2009Just a terminological quibbleSemantic types: a fresh look at the ideal model for types
12/19/2009Trademarking logic?Direct Inference in Direct Logic(TM)
12/18/2009Chunked sequences: Lookahead lazinessChunked sequences: Lookahead laziness
12/21/2009Detecting non-terminationChunked sequences: Lookahead laziness
12/21/2009Don't even need unsolved problemsChunked sequences: Lookahead laziness
12/21/2009Is this the whole point, orChunked sequences: Lookahead laziness
11/06/2009Und dann ...?State of the art C compiler optimization tricks
10/29/2009Poor TeX!Literate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
10/29/2009Duly quibbledLiterate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
10/31/2009I thought that …Literate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
10/28/2009Types ?= subsetsWhat is a Type?
10/24/2009Derived vs. inferredType constructors based on capabilities of type arguments?
10/20/2009But what is it?The design process for Zimbu
10/17/2009Not meta?meta-Scheme?
10/14/2009Course in mathematical logic with applications to computer scienceCourse in mathematical logic with applications to computer science
10/16/2009Love free booksCourse in mathematical logic with applications to computer science
10/16/2009Great pointersCourse in mathematical logic with applications to computer science
08/25/2009Surprisingly, my vague definitions support my vague conclusionsExpressive Modes and Species of Language
08/19/2009Halting problemFP, auto-generated code..
08/12/2009Protection unless explicitly relaxed?Receiver knowing the sender?
06/26/2009DiagonalisationMost powerful terminating semantics?
06/26/2009In what sense?Most powerful terminating semantics?
06/27/2009Exactly what I had in mind!Most powerful terminating semantics?
06/26/2009It still consists only of terminating programsMost powerful terminating semantics?
06/30/2009Total functional programmingMost powerful terminating semantics?
04/23/2009XLR?A programming language with extensible syntax
06/26/2009Where to find it?A programming language with extensible syntax
06/30/2009Got in touchA programming language with extensible syntax
07/13/2009Deciding what someone else meantThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
08/02/2009Type typesAdvanced Types in Qi
06/26/2009Available onlineStupid Question.

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