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11/07/2009And a good thing tooJohn Hughes on Erlang and Haskell
10/07/2007relationships between dependencies and layoutIt's Time to Stop Calling Circuits "Hardware"
05/20/2006The web influenceGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
12/06/2005Vaporware?Envisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
12/06/2005some low-level hurdlesThe breaking point of language usability?
11/18/2005MehFelleisen: How to Design Class Hierarchies
11/18/2005the IDE is missingRuby the Rival
10/31/2005Speaking of limiting...Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
11/01/2005It's not just you and the compilerDoes Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
10/20/2005Looks like at least partial supportC#: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Interview with Anders Hejlsberg
10/22/2005On the contrary, many XML documents are readableLINQ BOF at OOPSLA
08/10/2005actual usabilityExpressivity
08/05/2005seems rather C++ specificOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/06/2005Bah humbugOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/06/2005focusing on usabilityOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/06/2005"far, far short" - oh really?Objective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.
07/30/2005Not againAn interview with Chris Date
07/31/2005More reading...An interview with Chris Date
08/01/2005Yes, but...An interview with Chris Date
08/01/2005That's rather dismissiveAn interview with Chris Date
08/02/2005truth versus consistencyAn interview with Chris Date
07/17/2005Method inlining as a macro systemMethod inlining as a macro system
07/03/2005an optimizationBehaviour: Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript functionality
06/28/2005Too complicated, but still usefulGenerics are a mistake?
06/29/2005Nothing inevitable about itGenerics are a mistake?
06/29/2005That doesn't match my experienceGenerics are a mistake?
06/30/2005A few clarificationsGenerics are a mistake?
05/21/2005Against abstract unit testsParameterized Unit Tests
01/13/2005Most messages are largerIntroducing Comega
01/14/2005So don't use XML thenIntroducing Comega
11/28/2004And what about standards?The IDE Divide
11/28/2004UI for expressionsLittle language for use within Java, suited for users to define "rules"
11/21/2004SQL can already be embeddedLanguage Oriented Programming
11/21/2004Why most of us won't be inventing little languagesLanguage Oriented Programming
11/22/2004(scribbled)Language Oriented Programming
11/22/2004What documentation?Language Oriented Programming
11/24/2004This is getting a bit sillyLanguage Oriented Programming
10/14/2004humphRel: an open source implementation of Date & Darwen's Tutorial D
08/27/2004How is a tuple-space better than a database?Grid Computing & the Linda Programming Model
08/27/2004C-omega sort of has tuple spacesGrid Computing & the Linda Programming Model
08/01/2004Okay, but why?Partial Continuations
08/02/2004It's for failoverPartial Continuations
08/02/2004What about versioning?Partial Continuations
08/01/2004simple questionsCategory Theory for Dummies - slides available

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