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06/28/2012Not enough improvementLess is exponentially more: Rob Pike on Go and Why C++ Programmers Aren't Flocking to it.
07/01/2012FelixLess is exponentially more: Rob Pike on Go and Why C++ Programmers Aren't Flocking to it.
06/23/2012Felix pointersNull, bottom, etc.?
05/29/2012Felix versionOrder structure, an excercise in abstraction and multiple inheritance
05/24/2012much truthParsing: The Solved Problem That Isn't
03/06/2012Parametric GrammarsParametric Grammars
03/17/2012MenhirParametric Grammars
02/29/2012Assemblywhy first-class functions
02/29/2012Missing the pointwhy first-class functions
02/29/2012Principles or ToolsA Concept Design for C++
02/29/2012Better CA Concept Design for C++
02/21/2012Monorefs not enough anyhowSyntax Desugaring Algorithm Question
12/15/2011Turing Completeness of C++ TemplatesDesigning a languge — what theory is a must?
12/24/2011Transparency2 Misconcepts About Functional Programming (relating to context and monad)
11/07/2011covarianceHaskell V Java type checking
11/06/2011Is it NaturalHow to determine your new language is perfect?
11/07/2011MysetryHow to determine your new language is perfect?
11/07/2011Expressiveness"We Really Don't Know How to Compute!" by Gerald Sussman
11/07/2011Crutches as a design technique!"Crutches in language design", accidental complexity and feature overlap
11/07/2011emotionalWhat needs to be done?
11/07/2011Performance of functional programsWhat needs to be done?
11/07/2011inline virtualWhat needs to be done?
01/14/2011that counts for less given the added expressivenessFast Compilers
01/14/2011macros etcFast Compilers
01/14/2011PainfulThe AST Typing Problem
01/14/2011ExtensibleMemory, Actions and Extensible Syntax
03/06/2012cubic performancePure and Declarative Syntax Definition: Paradise Lost and Regained, Onward 2010
12/24/2011Dead linkiPhone PL lockdown
11/07/2011disjointnessAre extensible records first class patterns?
08/19/2007alpha conversionA question on free variable capture.
08/18/2007Resolvingcreating my own programming language
08/03/2007Felix inline syntax extensionSyntactic abstraction? (newbie question)
07/09/2007Extensible LanguagesExtensible Languages
07/07/2007Event handling in FelixAsynchronous calls and error handling
07/08/2007Yes, what you see is veryAsynchronous calls and error handling
07/09/2007The problem wasn't the codeAsynchronous calls and error handling
07/07/2007DSSLsGood Language Design Principals for Scripting Languages
07/08/2007In the cited reference JoshGood Language Design Principals for Scripting Languages
07/08/2007Language upgradeLanguage lifecycle?
02/27/2007Control InversionActors that Unify Threads and Events
02/13/2007Easy to learn and useEasy to learn and use
02/13/2007Josh wrote "you aren'tWhy people don't use functional programming?
09/21/2006User defined Syntax in FelixParser that allow syntax extensions
09/01/2006Multi-stage is a compromiseMulti-Stage Languages
10/21/2004How Felix handles these thingsLanguage design: Escaping escapes
08/07/2004If anyone finds a copy ..Vyper is missing
01/21/2007D vs FelixVyper is missing

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