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06/03/2007I had the same ideaMerging Functions, Modules, Classes, the whole nine yards...
03/04/2007Type errorHow to Evaluate Lambda Expressions
02/24/2007Site is no longer offlineDanFest 2004 videos online
02/18/2007Counter exampleAutomata-Based Programming
02/21/2007W3C joins inAutomata-Based Programming
01/31/2007The type of quote[RFC] Cat: A Typed Functional Stack Based Language
01/15/2007DetectabilityNinety-nine Lisp Problems
02/19/2007recursive regexesWhy people don't use functional programming?
01/01/2007The modern trend is not to use indexing.Why numbering should start at 0
12/08/2006Shouldn't that start withThe Cat Language Kind System
11/25/2006Merd's syntax across languages is missingProgramming Language Research Search Engine
11/03/2006Not even a keywordA rationale for semantically enhanced library languages
11/24/2006What is a hack?Type inference and union types
11/04/2006I don't think so.Future of software design?
10/16/2006The proposed fix for JS2Block-scope
09/19/2006The canvas html elementWhy Johnny can't code
09/18/2006Prolog in JavascriptYield Prolog
08/27/2006SyntaxThe whole Enchilada
08/27/2006Hadn't thought of the emptyThe whole Enchilada
08/27/2006ZipThe whole Enchilada
08/28/2006How to implement zipThe whole Enchilada
08/22/2006css fixwidth still fixed?
08/19/2006no argumentsClosures for Java or money back
08/15/2006HaskellDSLs and AOP
08/06/2006Referential transparencyExpressing the Type of a While Loop
08/06/2006It is not referentially transparentExpressing the Type of a While Loop
07/30/2006It has been done before.Lisp sans (((paren-theses ((hell)))))
07/28/2006LispThe solution to all your troubles...
07/28/2006DSLsGamma formalism
07/17/2006Formal semanticsHOPL III and the History of Haskell
07/17/2006ACMHOPL III and the History of Haskell
07/17/2006the next step in "mainstream" programmingA Core Calculus for Scala Type Checking
07/08/2006Me too.Amusing question
06/07/2006Windows onlyPublic resources for ECMAScript Edition 4
06/08/2006Try harder.Public resources for ECMAScript Edition 4
05/31/2006Posted in Python?Narrative Javascript
06/02/2006Small improvementNarrative Javascript
07/19/2006HaskellFirst Class Values, Types as values within a Programming Language
05/23/2006Code generation as a last refugeCode Generation Network
05/21/2006It's not that Seaside isn't good.Gilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/05/2006As an OO type of person...Open data types and open functions
05/05/2006Off the cuff from me tooOpen data types and open functions
05/05/2006The differenceOpen data types and open functions
05/05/2006Are we talking about the same openness?Open data types and open functions
05/05/2006I don't understand.Open data types and open functions
05/06/2006Unit testingOpen data types and open functions
05/06/2006In practiceOpen data types and open functions
05/06/2006I am not a Java programmerOpen data types and open functions
04/19/2006RaceThe Essence of the Iterator Pattern
04/10/2006Typos in examplesFunctional Programming Has Reached The Masses; It's Called Visual Basic
03/03/2006Wrong link?Towards Applicative Relational Programming
02/28/2006Same thing in JavascriptTail call elimination decorator in Python
03/02/2006No, this worksTail call elimination decorator in Python
02/14/2006Obvious?Concatenation Operators in Unimperative
02/20/2006Numerical stabilityInterval Computations
01/10/2006It's good!Tim Bray: Don't Invent XML Languages
01/10/2006You are right!Tim Bray: Don't Invent XML Languages
12/26/2005It has a solutionCan anyone help me solve this Sudoku?
12/26/2005A bugCan anyone help me solve this Sudoku?
12/27/2005Multiple solutionsCan anyone help me solve this Sudoku?
06/09/2007Link doesn't workThe Haskell Programmer's Guide to the IO Monad --- Don't Panic
12/13/20052005?Top N Papers 2005
11/21/2005Just to make it really easy.Dependent types: literature, implementations and limitations ?
11/19/2005You cannot pass back, butFeedback on post?
11/13/2005Pipes should not have polarityPutting Curry-Howard to Work
11/20/2005More challangeThe Reasoned Schemer
10/28/2005No choiceMap of LtU readers
11/06/2005They got complaints.Map of LtU readers
11/01/2005Confusing indeedJust What is it that Makes Martin-Lof's Type Theory so Different, so Appealing?
10/06/2005Also freely availableScoping based on control flow graph
09/13/2005Unfathomable?Generic implementation of all four *F* operators: from control0 to shift
09/15/2005Maybe it's not the sameGeneric implementation of all four *F* operators: from control0 to shift
04/24/2006Open or closedPersistent functional databases
08/30/2005I agreeTim Bray on Ruby
08/11/2005ArseConcatenative Language Kont
08/12/ could be a startConcatenative Language Kont
08/04/2005CoolA Lisp to JavaScript Compiler in 100 Lines
08/04/2005What scoping problems?A Lisp to JavaScript Compiler in 100 Lines
08/03/2005OMGMercury Vs Prolog
07/26/2005Google saisConcurrent Clustered Programming
06/30/2005The slope might represent a vHungarian Notation vs The Right Thing
06/21/2005Wrong urlSuDoku
06/07/2005Does it matter?Bidirectional fold and scan
05/26/2005Auto generated subjectsParameterized Unit Tests
05/06/2005What about just a very small changeLet's make a programming language!
05/07/2005not algol, common senseLet's make a programming language!
05/06/2005real world DSLLet's make a programming language!
05/07/2005yesLet's make a programming language!
05/08/2005PrecedenceThe Fortress Language Spec v0.618
04/27/2005Looks like javascript!Virtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/28/2005Try this.expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/19/2005Ok, let me try the Haskell version.expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
03/17/2005Uses of reduceThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000
03/18/2005naturally?The fate of reduce() in Python 3000
03/18/2005ModularizationThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000
03/18/2005Nice but...The fate of reduce() in Python 3000
03/17/2005How to parallelizeThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000
03/05/2005The world did realize, kind ofAdobe Releases Adam and Eve
03/06/2005I agreeAdobe Releases Adam and Eve
03/06/2005Absolutely good enoughAdobe Releases Adam and Eve
02/28/2005Combined feedsNew RSS Feed(s)
02/21/2005ObjectsWhat are The Atoms of Programming Languages?
02/06/2005easter eggA question for the theory guys
12/29/2004A wide range of primitivesPascal-FC
12/29/2004Surely they are not all primitivePascal-FC
12/29/2004Navigation should not change stateUse Continuations to Develop Complex Web Applications
12/23/2004Sometimes english is specialthe Chinese natual language
12/12/2004Improving on car/cdrCasting SPELs in Lisp
11/04/2004A type system?Predicate Dispatch in the news
10/27/2004JsoftwareProgramming challenge
01/13/2005in MozillaIntroduction to E4X
09/26/2004LinksGreat Works in Programming Languages
09/21/2004FontDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/09/2004Feature is already availableSecuring reflective towers
08/27/2004Language design problemMultidimensional arrays
08/28/2004Higher order functionsMultidimensional arrays
08/28/2004Not what I meanMultidimensional arrays
08/29/2004Big misunderstandingMultidimensional arrays
08/30/2004Thank youMultidimensional arrays
09/19/2004The NestList exampleMultidimensional arrays
09/19/2004Thanks, now to the pointMultidimensional arrays
09/18/2004Why is that cool?Multidimensional arrays
09/27/2004Where's the novelty?Multidimensional arrays
08/26/2004The list monadImplementing Declarative Parallel Bottom-Avoiding Choice
08/21/2004There's something to itNew result re "linguistic determinism"
08/22/2004But how?New result re "linguistic determinism"
08/13/2004Individuals and committeesNew Paul Graham thing...
08/13/2004The differenceNew Paul Graham thing...
08/13/2004knowledge or smartsNew Paul Graham thing...
08/15/2004Some committee"Your" RDF Query Language
08/15/2004I don't like it, at all"Your" RDF Query Language
08/15/2004Prolog for RDF queries"Your" RDF Query Language
08/15/2004Designing to examples"Your" RDF Query Language
08/14/2004Unconsious type systemsWhy type systems are interesting - part II
08/14/2004Re: InterestingWhy type systems are interesting - part II
08/14/2004SubtypingMorrow & First-class Labels
08/17/2004ReuseMorrow & First-class Labels
08/14/2004Labels as functionsMorrow & First-class Labels
08/14/2004Not possible?Morrow & First-class Labels
08/14/2004The label supports "the call operation"Morrow & First-class Labels
08/03/2004Goal directed programmingTail of Nil and Its Type
08/03/2004That's why >>= is usedTail of Nil and Its Type
08/02/2004It is configurable on a per-user basisAnother minor usability gripe...
08/02/2004proper html elements instead of classesHTML guidelines
08/02/2004Blue textHTML guidelines
08/02/2004Continuations sent to the clientPartial Continuations
09/16/2004How to solve problem #3History: Array languages
07/27/2004MoiellIcon Language Implementation and Unicon News
07/27/2004Same hereDerrida's Machines
07/18/2004Prolog in JavascriptEmbedding Prolog in Haskell
07/25/2004It's about IDEsJDeveloperAOP
07/17/2004I don't agree tooCω Preview Available
08/01/2004The other "every"Why type systems are interesting
07/23/2004It's not that strangeWhy type systems are interesting
08/08/2004Not brokenWhy type systems are interesting
08/14/2006Article has movedRichard Feynman and the Connection Machine
07/11/2004multiple threads or multiple dataNew Chip Heralds a Parallel Future
07/12/2004Ok then, but...New Chip Heralds a Parallel Future
07/06/2004procedural?XsRQL (and other RQLs)
07/06/2004anything procedural?XsRQL (and other RQLs)
07/07/2004A problem at all?International Components for Unicode 3.0 Released
07/08/2004How to solve the display problem.International Components for Unicode 3.0 Released
07/20/2004complete namesThe site discussions forum
07/22/2004That doesn't workThe site discussions forum
07/22/2004The return page after postingThe site discussions forum

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