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07/06/2012Not so sureImmediate mode GUIs
06/11/2012Awareness != understandingWhy Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die?
06/05/2012still...Synth programming language concept
07/26/2011why test?Is it possible to write code that works the very first time?
05/30/2011surely...Rob Pike: Public Static Void
03/19/2012touchscheme / lispingCoding at the Speed of Touch
12/07/2010newLisplanguages with call by value only (and maybe closures)?
12/17/2010cycle countingTolerant vs. Demanding Software
12/17/2010What for?Tolerant vs. Demanding Software
12/18/2010Ah, knew it felt familiar...Tolerant vs. Demanding Software
12/18/2010Not really the same thingTolerant vs. Demanding Software

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