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04/01/2005ButFold Must Fold!
01/25/2005Wiki for O'Caml industrial users"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
01/28/2005"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
12/31/2004DylanANN: YARD Parser
11/29/2004Page not foundMaking C++ more Object-Oriented
11/17/2004LispLanguage Oriented Programming
11/07/2004VisADNcl : ncar command language
09/23/2004L. Röder's Intentional Programming PresentationsL. Röder's Intentional Programming Presentations
09/09/2004Common Lisp HyperSpecDescription Logics in Literate Haskell
09/08/20042D graphicsThe Human-Language Interface
09/09/2004GranularityThe Human-Language Interface
09/01/2004a cosmology for a different computer universe :)Ted Nelson's ZigZag
09/01/2004well,Ted Nelson's ZigZag
09/01/2004YeahTed Nelson's ZigZag
09/01/2004postmodernism generatorNonsense Generator
08/26/2004Monitoring tuplesGrid Computing & the Linda Programming Model
08/26/2004Language for Bi-Directional Tree TransformationsTree programming languages
08/01/2004Lisp vendorsHistory: Array languages
07/07/2004TorrentsILC2002 Proceedings and Videos

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