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03/15/2012Immutable structuresReversing operations
02/07/2012Not quiteThe Algebra of Data, and the Calculus of Mutation
02/10/2012Nice example!ByThe Algebra of Data, and the Calculus of Mutation
10/11/2011Bushes and treesData, Codata, and Their Implications for Equality, and Serialization
10/03/2011Not a valid conclusionMetaphors we Program By: Space, Action and Society in Java
06/27/2011The pointWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
11/11/2010What kind of reason are you expecting?Conservative Logic
09/25/2010To what extent are AI and types the same thing?Omega - Language of the Future
06/10/2010FIShWhy a film about the APL array language family?
05/28/2010You might like...Functional Pearl: Species and Functors and Types, Oh My!
04/17/2010It's open source isn't it?More iPhone PL lockdown... Goodbye Scratch!
03/02/2010LtU changed my life!a "thank you" to You
02/23/2010I've never understood this reputationRecent Progress in Quantum Algorithms
02/05/2010If A=B...Alternatives to parentheses for grouping
02/05/2010Your example might need fixing as it doesn't mention AAlternatives to parentheses for grouping
02/04/2010In Haskell, say, it's not just the productExtreme non-choosiness
01/20/2010Java vs. Calculus? No contest.Academic advice: Mathematics or Computer Science?
01/22/2010MVT and Parallel PostulateAcademic advice: Mathematics or Computer Science?
01/23/2010Nice interpretationAcademic advice: Mathematics or Computer Science?
01/17/2010EntanglementQuantum Lambda Calculus
12/19/2009There's nothing going on hereClaiming Infinity
12/30/2009YesClaiming Infinity
12/15/2009Games are more general than surreal numbersClaiming Infinity
10/28/2009One of my favourite ICFP ཅ papersCausal Commutative Arrows and Their Optimization
08/19/2009Different issuefunctions vs procedures..
08/13/2009In fact, I think you can make Delayed a comonadThe End of the GPU Roadmap
05/21/2009Visual Dataflow is Commonplace in GraphicsComputer music: a bastion of interactive visual dataflow languages
02/17/2009Depends on how you represent...Parameterized Notions of Computation
01/20/2009ColourLambda Calculus Notation
09/15/2008I don't get this oneIrresistible programs
07/18/2008A general pointEffectiveness of C++ for scientific computing?
06/09/2008Two sourceshelp with understanding combinatory logic
05/02/2008Don't forget to check out the classic paperIs Halting Problem Valid for P?
04/18/2008I don't understand why this is tangentialStatic Typing and Expressivity
03/13/2008Haskell not the best choice hereLanguages best suited for scientific computing?
02/20/2008Compare with EscardoWhen Is A Functional Program Not A Functional Program?
02/07/2008I tried something along those lines...Project LambdaCan
01/17/2008Look closely at the definitionUnderstanding category theory and its practical applications
01/21/2008It wasn't much of an exercize -- am I missing something?Understanding category theory and its practical applications
12/10/2007Can be done, or can be done reasonably?functions, statements, expressions
12/07/2007Can someone say something about the prerequisites?How to write your next POPL paper in Coq
12/07/2007The most readable language I know is...poll: syntax
12/13/2007"Just to conform"poll: syntax
11/30/2007Genericsfoundations for J, APL etc
11/08/2007SimpleIdioms for Composing Games with Etoys
10/26/2007One that keeps reading inputs...Gödel, Nagel, minds and machines
10/11/2007IrrelevantComputing is a Natural Science
09/21/2007Chris Okasaki on minimal combinators.Binary Lambda Calculus and Combinatory Logic
09/18/2007Why a monoid is a one object categoryOnline video course on monads
09/20/2007My favourite example of a natural transformation is from CSOnline video course on monads
09/13/2007What's interesting specifically about Forth...Minimal FORTH compiler and tutorial
09/13/2007Nowadays there are a few concatenative languages...Minimal FORTH compiler and tutorial
09/11/2007Associativity isn't about orderQuestion about the Monad associativity law
08/30/2007Recommended readingWhat is a state?
08/30/2007The funny thing about google...Fogotten Book Title
08/13/2007You might also want to consider...creating my own programming language
08/18/2007Monads and mutable stateMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/20/2007I'm not sure I see what you mean...Monad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/21/2007Sort of...Monad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/22/2007...we) would like to know a bit more about them, too.Monad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/21/2007Shells and MonadsMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
07/30/2007Slight disagreementTesting first year programming students
07/27/2007I was secretly hoping monad comprehensions would...Comprehensions with ‘Order by' and ‘Group by'
07/10/2007The power to loopSimply Easy! (An Implementation of a Dependently Typed Lambda Calculus)
07/06/2007Not that simpleThinking Forth & Starting Forth
06/28/2007Because only a tiny fraction of people know it's possibleHaskell web store
06/29/2007It was intended with irony...Haskell web store
06/29/2007Some more datapointsKatahdin: Modifying your programming language as it runs
06/12/2007Regexps and zippersDerivatives of Regular Expressions
06/12/2007I did alreadyDerivatives of Regular Expressions
11/29/2010Divided differencesDerivatives of Regular Expressions
06/12/2007Sudoku in XSolving a Sudoku with one SQL-statement
06/04/2007Partial evaluation applied to high speed lighting previewPartial evaluation applied to high speed lighting preview
06/05/2007Didn't Wolfenstein 3D do this?Partial evaluation applied to high speed lighting preview
06/07/2007Depends on how you slice itPartial evaluation applied to high speed lighting preview
06/07/2007I read a large chunk of the bookPartial evaluation applied to high speed lighting preview
05/30/2007Suppose you want to perform a number of..."Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
05/24/2007Not guilty, your honour.Currying != Generalized Partial Application?!
05/25/2007What's the difference?Currying != Generalized Partial Application?!
05/02/2007Don't think of it as wrappingIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
05/08/2007The p-adicsIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
06/20/2007Just came across this commentAutoBayes -- A DSL For Bayesian Networks
04/15/2007I'm already stuck on page 2 of Models of LCFPCF and LCF
04/15/2007I think that clarifies thingsPCF and LCF
04/16/2007A bit sloppyPCF and LCF
03/02/2007My reading of that article is that...Non-Applicative Functional Languages
02/20/2007One Word: monadEffects in Types
02/21/2007Linear typesEffects in Types
02/20/2007More than just a sanity checkDimensional analysis typing
02/21/2007I qualified what I said slightlyDimensional analysis typing
02/06/2007Dual propertyTermination Checking with Types
01/23/2007I had this thought just the other day...Total Functional Programming
01/24/2007I hope you caught that BBC story...Total Functional Programming
01/25/2007The contract of the callerTotal Functional Programming
01/25/2007Two issuesTotal Functional Programming
01/21/2007'Applicative' programming?Have I Missed Something ?
03/02/2007Number mod XWhy people don't use functional programming?
02/27/2007Not enough informationWhy people don't use functional programming?
01/04/2007What you ask is closely related to a problem...Can referential transparency be bad? (puzzle included)
05/12/2007Great!Can referential transparency be bad? (puzzle included)
01/04/2007I think a good place to look...Derivatives and dissections of data types
01/04/2007Pushing things a bit further...Derivatives and dissections of data types
01/24/2008Take a list and make a hole in itDerivatives and dissections of data types
01/24/2008There's no problem with limits...Derivatives and dissections of data types
01/30/2008McBride uses muDerivatives and dissections of data types
01/05/2007Cardinal /= OrdinalWhy numbering should start at 0
01/03/2007How can we tell?(Even more) theorems for free?
01/03/2007You have me intrigued(Even more) theorems for free?
01/03/2007Yes...but that's a different logic...(Even more) theorems for free?
01/03/2007So all we need now...(Even more) theorems for free?
12/21/2006The drive to brevity...The Role of Composition in Computer Programming
12/21/2006Maybe you've answered me but not the way you thinkThe Role of Composition in Computer Programming
01/02/2007Mathematicians only mildly truly overload symbolsThe Role of Composition in Computer Programming
12/26/2006Use loebProgramming (language) puzzles
12/01/2006UnwieldySK Calculus not Consider SeKsy?
12/01/2006Related to that bookSK Calculus not Consider SeKsy?
12/01/2006what extensions beyond the baseSK Calculus not Consider SeKsy?
12/01/2006I think #4 is trueSK Calculus not Consider SeKsy?
11/27/2006A fixed pointRequest for feedback: hobbyist post on "the significance of the meta-circular interpreter."
11/17/2006Abstractly typed languagesAbstractly typed languages
10/31/2006Unpacking declarationsBest Introduction To Monads For Newbies (& Especially Imparative Minds) I'v Ever Read!!!
11/09/2006Barrier to entry is lower than people thinkWant to learn something new
11/06/2006Why I recommend HaskellWant to learn something new
10/13/2006Oh I miss my 3270 terminal...The US Torture Bill as C code
09/19/2006Language is almost irrelevantWhy Johnny can't code
09/19/2006Did some googling to find out moreWhy Johnny can't code
09/01/2006How often do you see recursive inheritance?Implementing arrays
08/28/2006What a bizarre statement!unchecked exceptions are like runtime type checking?
08/09/2006I found this paper a great way to...Comonadic Functional Attribute Evaluation
07/28/2006Parametricity TheoremGenerics as a Library
07/05/2006FalseDSLs and operator associativity/precedence
06/29/2006He did figure out how to make holes in...Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
06/29/2006It's in the paper I link toGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
06/22/2006GraphicsPetition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/21/2006Shorter!=Faster to DevelopWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/22/2006Yes and noWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/23/2006You seem to have shifted the domain of discourseWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/21/2006Global variablesWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/22/2006but how they are usedWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/16/2006I'm doing something very similarDataflow programming for PIC microcontrollers
06/18/2006Connect the ADC to a "weighted average of last N values" blockDataflow programming for PIC microcontrollers
06/13/2006Less productive?Church-Turning is False?
06/11/2006Guess the syntaxInform 7: A relational DSL for interactive fiction with natural language syntax
05/09/2006J is great but...MathLang
05/01/2006You are about to begin...This Is the Title of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times in the Story Itself
05/02/2006There is no future in natural language programming.What do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
08/22/2006But the APL operation...Folding neither Left nor Right (or how to avoid overspecifying the solution to a problem)
04/03/2006No...Purity in PLT
04/03/2006It kind of makes sense...foldl and foldr
04/03/2006it would be non-standard notation.foldl and foldr
04/03/2006∞ is a synonym for Nfoldl and foldr
04/03/2006What is the problem with = ∞ ?foldl and foldr
04/03/2006I'm suggesting that...foldl and foldr
04/03/2006Are we talking at cross purposesfoldl and foldr
04/03/2006Or...foldl and foldr
04/01/2006I'm wondering if someone has figured out...PHP 6 picks up GOTO and COMEFROM
03/21/2006Copy-and-paste programmingProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
03/22/2006Code duplication is an intermediate step...Programming: 50, 100 years from now
02/27/2006When you've read both of those papers...McBride Derivative paper
02/28/2006McBride Derivative paperMcBride Derivative paper
02/16/2006Does ^infix^ notation in C++ count?Accidental Syntax
02/18/2006Never understood why that has a special nameAccidental Syntax
02/13/2006A related method is...Interval Computations
02/14/2006Different applicationsInterval Computations
02/14/2006Yes, it's much the same thingInterval Computations
02/13/2006Same thingInterval Computations
02/15/2006You've shown why interval arithmetic...Interval Computations
02/16/2006A general comment on PLs and interval arithmeticInterval Computations
02/13/2006Can these be related in any useful way to error intervals?Interval Datatype
02/10/2006I don't think it's bad PRIs STL algorithms doing damage to the cause?
02/10/2006Simple solutionIs STL algorithms doing damage to the cause?
02/10/2006Thanks, that makes perfect sense.Is STL algorithms doing damage to the cause?
02/10/2006The goal here is to solve difficult problems.Is STL algorithms doing damage to the cause?
02/02/2006It's not just for MaybesWhat is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
01/30/2006define a set as a function that returns a BooleanLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/30/2006I'm not asking for a construction of individual...Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/31/2006Well the claim is that a set can be identified...Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/31/2006I think we can now answer the OP's questionLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/07/2006Cat vs SetLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/08/2006My sideLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/31/2006Recursive closure?Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/31/2006Yes, of courseLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/01/2006Why is everyone avoiding the issue?Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/01/2006Apparently, it's not so easyLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/01/2006That won't do at allLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/31/2006We could try taking baby steps...Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/31/2006Mathematicians don't care?Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
02/03/2006Equality is a problem?Lambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/23/2006CounterexampleWhat is a Proposition?
01/13/2006Why be tied to a definition?What is considered source code?
12/14/2005Could this be adapted to find isomorphisms...Djinn, a theorem prover in Haskell, for Haskell.
12/14/2005The main result isn't that deepDjinn, a theorem prover in Haskell, for Haskell.
12/05/2005As a programmer...The breaking point of language usability?
09/23/2005'Intuitive' is a stick...What is Intuitive?
08/10/2005...a field/idea originating from Gregory Chaitin...Expressivity
07/29/2005What support do you need?Language support for generating functions?
07/29/2005Reading most of generatingfunctionology...Language support for generating functions?
06/22/2005You took the words out of my mouth!Why recursing is better than looping
06/22/2005Why recursing is better than loopingWhy recursing is better than looping
06/22/2005where you won't find iteration at allWhy recursing is better than looping
06/22/2005See my comments on the Tower of Hanoi.Why recursing is better than looping
06/23/2005This isn't really addressing my point...Why recursing is better than looping
05/26/2005An informal explanation...Differentiating Data Structures
05/26/2005You can already see what happens...Competitive Collaborative Specification of GUI Applications through User Test Cases and Merit-Based Conflict Resolution
05/17/2005Cyc was the baby of Doug LenatCyc Knowledge Server
04/22/2005I'm interested in something similarWhy do they program in C++?
05/12/2005What's different about a Scheme chip?Why do they program in C++?
04/21/2005Minor matterComputer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/22/2005What mathematicians really do is differentComputer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/22/2005More shortcut than assumptionComputer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/22/2005It's a little behind the leading edge...Computer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/25/2005Structure and Interpretation...Computer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/25/2005Interesting claimComputer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/26/2005Perhaps they should care...Computer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/18/2005I'm more amazed by the unreasonable...On the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science
04/18/2005And I disagree too!On the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science
04/20/2005Exactly what did we gain?On the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science
02/25/2005TipJournals and papers?
01/04/2005OT, but you were discussing concurrency with whom?The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software
12/22/2004I always thought Chinese was a bit like Forth...the Chinese natual language
12/15/2004Most thanked company: IBMKiller Props for Computer Scientist!
02/18/2005Linear computer programsCall-by-what?
01/08/2009groups have nothing to do with the integersExplaining monads
12/18/2004Actual implementation of the aboveUnderstanding continuations

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