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08/12/2009lenient still too slowThe End of the GPU Roadmap
08/11/2009But what about continuations?A Veriļ¬ed Compiler for an Impure Functional Language
07/20/2009Sad dayConcepts Get Voted Off The C++0x Island
05/03/2009generic programmingLooking for list of programming problems to thoroughly test a language
02/06/2008That is incorrectThe Design and Implementation of Typed Scheme
02/08/2008That's backwardsThe Design and Implementation of Typed Scheme
09/17/2007Interpreter or Compiler?Tagless Staged Interpreters for Simpler Typed Languages
08/31/2006Sage and catching errors staticallyGradual Typing for Functional Languages
08/31/2006So the declarative specification is missing?Gradual Typing for Functional Languages
08/31/2006And if the type computations terminate?Gradual Typing for Functional Languages

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