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05/06/2011Database relation?Data Representation Synthesis
05/13/2011I had something very simple in mindData Representation Synthesis
09/07/2009Conference programDSL goodness
08/17/2009Talk slidesLifted inference: normalizing loops by evaluation
06/12/2009IndexicalsBridging the informal and the formal
03/24/2009D is for Domain and DeclarativeD is for Domain and Declarative
12/07/2008Tuning is a solution, not a problemStaging with Delimited Control
06/30/2008HM + type dynamictype-checking programs with unknown types
05/10/2008The truth table is dead; long live the truth tableservice course in logic and logic programming: crazy?
04/26/2008Delimited continuationsResume using continuations
04/21/2008Probability monadM.Sc thesis ideas on the intersection: Artificial intelligence, Category theory, and Programming languages.
02/27/2008Mode-oblivious arithmeticPure, Declarative, and Constructive Arithmetic Relations
01/03/2008Rolling loops?The worker/wrapper transformation
01/04/2008Embedding multiple interpreters in C#?Computation Orchestration: A Basis for Wide-Area Computing
11/04/2007Computational Semantics and Type TheoryOnline Learning of Relaxed CCG Grammars for Parsing to Logical Form
09/14/2007RefunctionalizationReconstructing Abstractions
09/06/2007DSLs vs non-DSLsTagless Staged Interpreters for Simpler Typed Languages
08/29/2007Not quite what you wantedHistory of causes as object identity
06/11/2007From Sudoku to SQL in HaskellSolving a Sudoku with one SQL-statement
06/05/2007Metaprogramming is the key to interaction performancePartial evaluation applied to high speed lighting preview
04/21/2007From abstract interpretation to small-step typingFrom abstract interpretation to small-step typing
04/21/2007Type checking is abstract evaluationFrom abstract interpretation to small-step typing
04/24/2007Stochastic programsFrom abstract interpretation to small-step typing
03/08/2007Comments please!Lightweight static resources
02/24/2007Grammatical inferenceLiterature on recovering grammars?
12/04/2006Programming (language) puzzlesProgramming (language) puzzles
12/05/2006Balancing a Calder mobileProgramming (language) puzzles
12/05/2006Transforming a recurrence equation to direct style?Programming (language) puzzles
12/05/200615th element from end?Programming (language) puzzles
12/06/2006Transform laziness to stack allocation?Programming (language) puzzles
06/22/2006Delimited dynamic bindingDelimited dynamic binding
06/24/2006Mutable references and multiple promptsDelimited dynamic binding
06/27/2006Open unions and multiple promptsDelimited dynamic binding
06/07/2006Termination and resumption in C++Common Lisp Exception Handling
06/27/2006Forummail, mailhandler, listhandler?Email/news interface
06/28/2006Posting/reading by emailEmail/news interface
06/28/2006ThreadingEmail/news interface
04/26/2006How do Java generics correspond to System F-(omega)?How do Java generics correspond to System F-(omega)?
12/24/2005Comments on draft welcomeAn Operational Foundation for Delimited Continuations in the CPS Hierarchy
12/22/2005The undergraduate language course: what to do?The undergraduate language course: what to do?
12/22/2005Exceptional syntaxExceptional syntax
11/21/2005Credit dueThe Reasoned Schemer
10/29/2008Expressing OOP functionallyObject Oriented Programming + Referential Transparency
03/07/2009Multimodal intuitionistic logicFrom shift and reset to polarized linear logic
12/31/2005Towards the best collection traversal interfaceThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000

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