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02/03/2012blast from the past!The Algebra of Data, and the Calculus of Mutation
11/14/2011link to the paperLTL types FRP
10/26/2011"Simple Made Easy" by Rich Hickey and subsequent discussion"Simple Made Easy" by Rich Hickey and subsequent discussion
06/26/2010An Eloquent BookAn Eloquent Book
08/24/2007scala type inferenceAn Accidental Simula User, Luca Cardelli
06/12/2007zippers and previous mentionsDerivatives of Regular Expressions
02/22/2007guy steele's keynoteDanFest 2004 videos online
06/01/2006triggers or MVC?The Weird World of Bi-Directional Programming
02/03/2006must...learn....haskell....Combinators for contracts
02/14/2006greatCombinators for contracts

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