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07/20/2011ReST == ReStructured Text.Literate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
07/20/2011"Autodoc" on theWhat is the best literate programming tool/environment/research work?
08/12/2008On metaprogramming in Forth...Staapl: Forth on Scheme for embedded controllers
05/05/2008They probably rely on back-tracking code rewriting.Automatic Generation of Peephole Superoptimizers
01/25/2008Use the Command Pattern.How useful is reflection, anyway?
10/19/2007MetaKit anyone? K?The End of an Architectural Era (It's Time for a Complete Rewrite)
09/14/2007One optimization you canMinimal FORTH compiler and tutorial
09/14/2007First, write in aMinimal FORTH compiler and tutorial
08/14/2007Inappropriate AttitudeSkipping C - SPE and synthetic programming in Python
08/13/2008This is a better approach.Patrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
03/15/2008Then you must find C to beOberon Script. A Lightweight Compiler and Runtime System for the Web

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