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05/10/2007Sun's new JavaFX Script languageSun's new JavaFX Script language
05/10/2007Shouldn't the result beSun's new JavaFX Script language
01/20/2006probablyNew for Python 2.5
11/17/2005Ruby the RivalRuby the Rival
07/07/2005Parrot 0.2.2 ReleasedParrot 0.2.2 Released
06/02/2005A Core Calculus of MetaclassesA Core Calculus of Metaclasses
05/07/2005nifty ideaLet's make a programming language!
04/28/2005implementation time frame?The Fortress Language Spec v0.618
03/13/2005enormous challengeFortress focuses on the needs of scientists
01/09/2005FixNum QuestionThe Four Questions
12/27/2004mixed listsAdding Optional Static Typing to Python
12/27/2004python and static typingAdding Optional Static Typing to Python
12/27/2004named assertionsAdding Optional Static Typing to Python

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