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04/20/2010Singularity OSHow can C Programs be so Reliable?
03/24/2010Google NaClHave tracing JIT compilers won?
09/26/2007LiskellMinimal FORTH compiler and tutorial
08/19/2007Where's the code?Nu - new LISP like language atop of Objective-C
08/23/2007Pretty niceNu - new LISP like language atop of Objective-C
08/18/2007Very slickTools for (PhD) Researching
08/19/2007A prolog tangentcreating my own programming language
08/19/2007Data representationGarbage Collection Without Paging
05/14/2007JavaScript VMs are getting better"The language of the future is javascript"
04/13/2007Check out ProcessingThoughts about the Best Introductory Language
04/02/2007Good parallel algorithms books?Good parallel algorithms books?
03/30/2007Lisps can be statically typedExpect New Major Language Within Five Years
02/08/2007Not visually ugly?Programming Shorthands
01/20/2007PLT styleHave I Missed Something ?
01/22/2007Sins, eh?Have I Missed Something ?
01/08/2007Can we stop talking about file formats now?Simon Peyton Jones: Beautiful concurrency
01/08/2007STM != STSimon Peyton Jones: Beautiful concurrency
01/09/2007Both feel equally naturalWhy numbering should start at 0
09/21/2006Common Lisp's Reader MacrosParser that allow syntax extensions
08/08/2006Muck with the semanticsLisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
06/15/2006Dataflow programming for PIC microcontrollersDataflow programming for PIC microcontrollers
06/15/2006I'm connecting ports on blocksDataflow programming for PIC microcontrollers
06/16/2006Goid ideaDataflow programming for PIC microcontrollers
06/17/2006So how are you handlingDataflow programming for PIC microcontrollers
07/31/2006ExamplesWhat do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
03/17/2006Arc isn't deadProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
11/19/2005That's what IDEs are forFortress Specs Updated: 0.785

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