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06/07/2010What is the benefit of doingberp
08/03/2009Programming Environment for pre-schoolers?A Functional I/O System (or Fun for Freshman Kids)
04/02/2009Ehud, you nearly got me.LtU: Forum not blog
02/15/2009Given that this is LtU,Admin notes
12/22/2008CPS and monadsFunctional Pearl: Type-safe pattern combinators
09/30/2008Pointer to D?Microsoft Oslo
03/03/2008Simonyi's researchProgrammers At Work
10/25/2007On DSL, Smalltalk and FPOn DSL, Smalltalk and FP
09/21/2007Which Journals/Conferences to keep track of?Which Journals/Conferences to keep track of?
09/24/2007Thanks guys!Which Journals/Conferences to keep track of?
09/11/2007Question about the Monad associativity lawQuestion about the Monad associativity law
10/02/2007I go back to firstQuestion about the Monad associativity law
10/09/2007Philippa, you haveQuestion about the Monad associativity law
10/09/2007Hmm... Let me ask this way:Question about the Monad associativity law
10/09/2007(blank post)Question about the Monad associativity law
09/05/2007Q: Modularizing SQL?Q: Modularizing SQL?
09/06/2007Marshall, could you explain...Q: Modularizing SQL?
09/10/2007Gotcha. Thx.Q: Modularizing SQL?
09/10/2007nassking, I skimmed throughQ: Modularizing SQL?
09/10/2007Yeah, I mean eval-likeQ: Modularizing SQL?
09/06/2007nassking, you hit the nail on the head!Q: Modularizing SQL?
09/06/2007I thought of that too.Q: Modularizing SQL?
09/06/2007Robert, you lost me. ThingsQ: Modularizing SQL?
09/07/2007My main point was simplyQ: Modularizing SQL?
09/07/2007No, I don't believe LINQ,Q: Modularizing SQL?
09/06/2007That's an interestingQ: Modularizing SQL?
08/17/2007Tools for (PhD) ResearchingTools for (PhD) Researching
08/27/2007CiteULike looks veryTools for (PhD) Researching
09/06/2007My primary interest is PL.Tools for (PhD) Researching
08/18/2007Thank you everyone. It willTools for (PhD) Researching
08/16/2007Type TheoriesType Theories
08/17/2007I understand the mainType Theories
08/14/2007Traits == Aspects?Metaprogramming with Traits
08/18/2007I'm just trying toMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/18/2007Monad Description For Imperative ProgrammerMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/19/2007OK, so i got it wrong thatMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/19/2007I re-read the monad stuffMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/19/2007Philippa, what do you meanMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/18/2007Monad and ContinuationMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
10/26/2007Sorry for resurrecting thisExplaining monads
10/26/2007Thanks Ehud and Derek.Explaining monads

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