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08/06/2010What's in a Glitch?Deprecating the Observer Pattern
08/06/2010Gotta' Love the Argot!Deprecating the Observer Pattern
07/23/2010Scala VarianceContainers and Inheritance
09/09/2010"Over the Line" *When*?iPhone PL lockdown
05/24/2010Our Ugly CodeOn the (Alleged) Value of Proof for Assurance
02/28/2010Final PublicationExtending the Scope of Syntactic Abstraction
02/27/2010Markets as Designslarge-scale programming systems inspired by ecological and market systems
03/01/2010Requiring humans to monitorlarge-scale programming systems inspired by ecological and market systems
02/01/2010I think my response to everyBabel-17 v0.2 spec is out
01/21/2010The Frame Problem?The Theory and Calculus of Aliasing
01/16/2010The Transactional InterpretationQuantum Lambda Calculus
12/28/2009Keeping Terms Where They BelongIs (probabilistic) non-determinism pure ?
12/24/2009Clojure's Example?A question of metadata
12/21/2009Parkinson's Law for Software TechnologiesUnfulfilled Promises of Software Technologies? (!)
12/21/2009Software ComponentsUnfulfilled Promises of Software Technologies? (!)
02/04/2009PE Popular w/ Clojure NewcomersProject Euler

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