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10/28/2009Video of PresentationCausal Commutative Arrows and Their Optimization
04/05/2009Modular Compiler OptimisationsTwitter and Scala
12/15/2008Lazy vs StrictProgrammable Concurrency in a Pure and Lazy Language
08/25/2007Screenshots?VamOz: Visual Abstract Machine for Oz
08/16/2007FormalizingType Theories
08/03/2007Very neat indeed!Theorem proving support in programming language semantics
12/02/2006Some KeywordsPractical Laziness
11/18/2006Maybe this is of interestTesting Telecoms Software with Quviq QuickCheck
11/02/2006Which Meta-programming?A rationale for semantically enhanced library languages
11/03/2006Template HaskellA rationale for semantically enhanced library languages
10/27/2006Details?Practical OCaml
10/27/2006GADTs are closed?GADT vs. Type Classes
10/17/2006Ah ...Delevoping a new language...
10/20/2006Textual description?Delevoping a new language...
10/11/2006Hm, if I were a pacifist (orThe US Torture Bill as C code
09/24/2006I know no Erlang internals, but ...What Makes Erlang Processes Tick?
09/24/2006OO: Java?!Designing a Programming Textbook
09/20/2006Link dead?Lectures on the Curry-Howard Isomorphism
12/02/2006D-ExpressionsParser that allow syntax extensions
06/06/2006Can Erlang be this convenient, too?Common Lisp Exception Handling
06/06/2006That's not quite new ...emulation for Erlang style processes

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