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04/23/2012Expresssion scopeWhy and How People Use R
04/23/2012A bit like macros, exactlyWhy and How People Use R
02/17/2011I don't knowExtending Syntax from Within a Language
01/11/2011Sorry if this appears blunt, but...Scala Team Wins ERC Grant
01/11/2011Intel is about to ship tensScala Team Wins ERC Grant
12/02/2010I won't be snarkyHaskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit
09/21/2010Sorry to disappoint, but you're wrong, off-topic,The Halting Problem on Turing Machines
09/15/2010Reify GADT constructions?GADTs in a dynamically type-checked language?
04/15/2010The kids are alrightMore iPhone PL lockdown... Goodbye Scratch!
04/09/2010Yeah, but what is an "interpreter", really?iPhone PL lockdown
04/13/2010Checking vs finding...Specifying Solvers?
02/03/2010HipHop: Facebook runs compiled PHP on its serversHipHop: Facebook runs compiled PHP on its servers
01/16/2010Steven Reiss' S6Discoverability, Language Features, and the First Step Toward Composition
01/04/2010Things are changingThe AI Systems of Left 4 Dead
09/01/2009Apple "adds closures to C" in Mac OS X 10.6Apple "adds closures to C" in Mac OS X 10.6
10/06/2008call/cc, STMWorlds: Controlling the Scope of Side Effects
09/11/2008[admin] Slight typo on linkCoinductive proof principles for stochastic processes
12/17/2007For example, a GUI libraryCUFP write-up
12/04/2007n-categories?Parametric datatype-genericity
03/20/2007John Backus has passed awayJohn Backus has passed away
03/21/2007Thanks for the fixes!John Backus has passed away
02/28/2007Worse is BetterEd Felten: Why Understanding Programs is Hard
02/20/2007Free theorems?Automata-Based Programming
08/10/2006The undefinedness idiomRevisiting Google's MapReduce
06/19/2006Print routineFirst Class Values, Types as values within a Programming Language
05/08/2009Multideveloper apps are harder to debugruby vs python
01/21/2006I disagreeLisp is sin
10/30/2005Because they're the most natural?Why Lists?
04/30/2005Offtopic, but..The Fortress Language Spec v0.618
12/23/2004Business world and short-sightednessReading SICP for fun and profit
12/26/2004N groupsReading SICP for fun and profit
12/16/2004From the paperKiller Props for Computer Scientist!
11/18/2004Does this predictability arguSwitch statement design
10/21/2004OpenGL: CM-in-one-chipMapReduce - functional programming in the REAL World
09/25/2004Thank god I'm not the only oneThe Language of Biology
09/24/2004Cg and NVIDIASh
08/28/2004Haskell to the rescue?Multidimensional arrays
08/16/2004QuickCheckNew Paul Graham thing...
08/17/2004On reimplementing the checkee as a checkerNew Paul Graham thing...
09/27/2004But we've had Monads for a veExplaining monads
04/22/2004Re: VC++ Security Checks at Runtime and Compile TimeVC++ Security Checks at Runtime and Compile Time
04/15/2004Re: PoplogPoplog
04/16/2004Re: PoplogPoplog
04/18/2004Re: PoplogPoplog
01/03/2004Re: Continuations (and call/cc) in HaskellContinuations (and call/cc) in Haskell
01/05/2004Re: Continuations (and call/cc) in HaskellContinuations (and call/cc) in Haskell
12/22/2003Re: BrookGPUBrookGPU
12/22/2003Re: BrookGPUBrookGPU
08/11/2003Re: Udell: Test before you leap into developmentUdell: Test before you leap into development

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