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09/06/2008Use a TableAvoid -if- in the LOG function
06/25/2008Don't BotherSWI-Prolog FFI Problem: Getting Prolog and C to work together on MacOS?
06/16/2008Isn't Turing Completeness just derived from adding...On the importance of Turing completeness
06/02/2008...not used to prove other results...Dead-end theorems
05/30/2008The Brain Can Only Process So Much InformationSoftware complexity as means of professional advancement
05/08/2008GuessAutomatic Generation of Peephole Superoptimizers
05/01/2008For a less naughtly languagesCOLA Brainfuck
05/01/2008oh, and on the paperCOLA Brainfuck
05/02/2008niceDao 1.0 preview version is released
03/16/2008Not the Language, the ImplementationLisp creates lisp
03/20/2008A Language is More Than It's StandardLisp creates lisp
05/26/2008shell scriptsuccinctness
05/27/2008read it many timessuccinctness
05/28/2008It may look the same on the outside...succinctness
02/02/2008≤ and ⊂ are already definedCorrect mathematical symbol to represent "subtype"

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