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07/22/2009Wow..Apollo 11 Source Code on GoogleCode
04/15/2009Linearity Considered Harmfulmultidimensional abstraction?
04/16/2009IC'Smultidimensional abstraction?
10/07/2008Further JAOO FootageHejlsberg and Steele: Concurrency and Language Design
10/05/2008Inspiring PapersInspiring Papers
09/30/2008Channel9 VideoMicrosoft Oslo
09/24/2008CapabilitiesSecurity in FP
12/04/2007Subtext 2 VideoSubtext 2 Video
09/19/2007Decayed MemoizationDecayed Memoization
09/20/2007MapleDecayed Memoization
09/20/2007Yes, AKA CachingDecayed Memoization
08/29/2007Simon Peyton-Jones Haskell VideoSimon Peyton-Jones Haskell Video
03/06/2007Implementation InheritanceImplementation Inheritance
03/07/2007Good PointsImplementation Inheritance
03/13/2007Funny you should mention that book..Implementation Inheritance
06/09/2006My TakeLtU: blog not forum!
06/06/2006Common Lisp Exception HandlingCommon Lisp Exception Handling
06/09/2006Enlightening as usualCommon Lisp Exception Handling
02/14/2006Haskell video lectures onlineHaskell video lectures online
02/15/2006Other CoursesHaskell video lectures online
01/31/2006Packaging Data And MethodsPackaging Data And Methods
02/02/2006CLOSPackaging Data And Methods
02/02/2006Just like pattern matchingPackaging Data And Methods
02/02/2006what you lose herePackaging Data And Methods
02/02/2006SmalltalkPackaging Data And Methods
02/02/2006I didn't realise you couldPackaging Data And Methods
04/12/2011Control FlowMulti-Return Function Call

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