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07/25/2008Java exceptions are cheapCatch me if you can: Towards type-safe, hierarchical, lightweight, polymorphic and efficient error management in OCaml
07/12/2008LocalityImplementing fast interpreters
01/22/2008Details?Compile-Time Execution in an Object Oriented Language
05/11/2007GWT and Python"The language of the future is javascript"
05/11/2007Using other libraries"The language of the future is javascript"
05/11/2007There is one player that can"The language of the future is javascript"
05/11/2007Maybe"The language of the future is javascript"
10/05/2006Needlessly primitiveAssembly language for Power Architecture
10/03/2006AOP in the real worldIs "post OO" just over?
07/12/2006What wildcards are for?How do Java generics correspond to System F-(omega)?
08/04/2005Not That TrivialMore on the "generics are evil" meme
08/04/2005If set is a field, then the JMore on the "generics are evil" meme
07/22/2005Speeding up reflectionConcerning introspection and compilation.
07/22/2005More on reflectionConcerning introspection and compilation.
05/24/2005Java not suitable for self-hostingBest route for new language to be self-hosting
07/25/2005Offtopic comments are funGADTs + Extensible Kinds = Dependent Programming
03/23/2005AgreedUCPy: Reverse Engineering Python
02/10/20059.8 microseconds?!Python Optimization Surprises
10/26/2004Same hereGMail accounts
10/18/2004Job / Resume postingsJob / Resume postings
10/18/2004OkayJob / Resume postings
10/19/2004J2EE? Transparent?Job / Resume postings
10/19/2004Retracted offerJob / Resume postings
10/20/2004What language reference do you use?Job / Resume postings
10/20/2004Faux pasJob / Resume postings
10/20/2004'nuff saidJob / Resume postings
10/19/2004Conflated issuesJob / Resume postings
10/14/2004I wouldn't call apt an extensible compilerSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/15/2004Code in stringsSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/15/2004JSE uninterestingSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/15/2004I think soSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/15/2004Not a valid comparisonSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/15/2004It's all about syntax.Sun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/05/2004Java scalabilityJ2SE 5.0 released
10/05/2004Are we talking about the same scalability?J2SE 5.0 released
10/05/2004Memory managementJ2SE 5.0 released
08/17/2004OptimizationsWhy compiler optimizations are interesting
08/17/2004Compilers separate from optimizersWhy compiler optimizations are interesting
12/19/2004Continuations related to thread schedulersUnderstanding continuations

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