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10/18/2011Perhaps we should keep inOpen thread: RIP Steve Jobs
07/20/2010From what I've read, theGenerative Grammar-based Computation
10/28/2008Physics/ConstraintsDeclarative layout and/or UI languages?
10/07/2008This sounds veryWorlds: Controlling the Scope of Side Effects
10/07/2008Parsers/Patterns/LogicParsing Expression Grammars
10/07/2008Non-textualParsing Expression Grammars
10/07/2008Visual Core Forms/AutomataVisual Programming Language Syntax Formalisms
09/11/2008The type system is what weLanguages ready for API Evolution
07/24/2008FlapJaxIn search for a programming language to replace spreadsheets.
07/01/2008Heterogenous CollectionsType system that can type list structure?
03/26/2008Couldn't use the link asRhope a dataflow-based language
02/19/2008context, not stateGilad Bracha: Cutting out Static
02/11/2008use a pluginLanugages with built-in rules/tests?
01/17/2008Bret Victor's SubstrokeBret Victor's Substroke
10/29/2007I experimented a bit withTechnometria: Google Web Toolkit
05/09/2007F3 is now openjfxF3 is now openjfx
03/26/2007a live walkLiving it up with a Live Programming Language
03/23/2007Scala is one of the fewA Real-World Use of Lift, a Scala Web Application Framework
03/26/2007There are many, of courseA Real-World Use of Lift, a Scala Web Application Framework
11/20/2006component requirementsVideo: The Scala Experiment
11/14/2006F3 - Functional GUI Development for JavaF3 - Functional GUI Development for Java
09/11/2006Au ContraireDynamic Languages Symposium Program Online
08/21/2006Scala and ClosuresClosures for Java or money back
06/14/2006Hmm. Code won't workA Brief History of Scala
06/12/2006casting in ScalaA Brief History of Scala
06/14/2006DecompositionA Brief History of Scala
06/14/2006Path-Dependent TypesA Brief History of Scala
04/19/2006I couldn't disagree more.Lang .NET 2006
04/24/2006ChuckFlexible Addition of Static Typing to Dynamically Typed Programs
03/30/2006Your Scala project can[ANN] Scala-2
03/20/2006naming considered harmful :)Design Patterns as Higher-Order Datatype-Generic Programs.
03/20/2006This is a great paper andDesign Patterns as Higher-Order Datatype-Generic Programs.
03/21/2006Absolutely correct -- I haveDesign Patterns as Higher-Order Datatype-Generic Programs.
03/15/2006Lazy EvaluationActive Libraries and Universal Languages
03/13/2006Program LODRich resource site for the programming language "K"
03/14/2006Would it help to spellRich resource site for the programming language "K"
02/21/2006x signatureGilad Is Right
01/26/2006Futures in ScalaBeyond LINQ: A Manifesto For Distributed Data-Intensive Programming
01/20/2006No Type System == Dumb CompilerLisp is sin
01/20/2006Check out the Scala pages; thScala 2
01/26/2006Odersky SlidesScala 2
01/16/2006It's also arguable that a verPaul Vick: Language Design & Paying the UI "Tax"
01/17/2006I'll go with "use immutable/fPaul Vick: Language Design & Paying the UI "Tax"
01/17/2006for reference, in Scala thisFunctional libraries for Java
11/29/2005Strikes me as being similar tSystematic search for lambda expressions
11/01/2005I think Hutchins is bloggingThe Type-System-Feature-Creep Death Spiral
11/02/2005In my little system functionsThe Type-System-Feature-Creep Death Spiral
10/31/2005David, I'd argue that Delphi'Bruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/31/20053 line snippetBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/10/2005Macros/Syntax vs. AST manipulationMacros/Syntax vs. AST manipulation
10/13/2005Thanks in particular for provMacros/Syntax vs. AST manipulation
10/12/2005I guess it all depends on howMacros/Syntax vs. AST manipulation
10/10/2005Finger TreesZipper-based file server/OS
04/22/2005Can't say I'm in the know, bu2005 Programming Languages Day at Watson
04/12/2005one possible right thingLinks
04/13/2005yeah butLinks
04/13/2005your google is better than my googleLinks
04/19/2005Thanks for the clarificationsLinks
05/01/2005choosing wellMechanics of designing and implementing a language

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