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09/27/2005Some thoughtsLtU: Style and Focus
09/23/2005What about Bigloo Scheme?Most Productive FP Lang?
07/26/2005ThanksLazy linear algebra
06/23/2005Re: "efficient reading"How To Read a Paper
03/16/2005LushEmbedding one language in another
03/12/2005As a potential end user...Fortress focuses on the needs of scientists
01/10/2005Not speech, but simple ways to edit a programSpeech-to-text friendly programming languages
01/10/2005The result would be...Speech-to-text friendly programming languages
01/14/2005Would such a system ...Speech-to-text friendly programming languages
01/14/2005My mistakeSpeech-to-text friendly programming languages
02/17/2005Numerics are neglected by most languagesHistory: Array languages

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