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03/23/2012Fast or composable: pick oneParsing: The Solved Problem That Isn't
10/13/2011I expect we are indeedGoogle's Dart announced
12/21/2010Pointwise analysis not optimalThe Semicolon Wars
08/11/2009Sum-of-forces (purely local) approach to game world state?The End of the GPU Roadmap
07/21/2009Design by committee = paralysis?Concepts Get Voted Off The C++0x Island
12/07/2007A Growable Language ManifestoA Growable Language Manifesto
12/07/2007Brief typoA Growable Language Manifesto
12/11/2007Nice counter-manifesto, naasking :-)A Growable Language Manifesto
12/11/2007Scrap your boilerplate, eh?A Growable Language Manifesto
12/11/2007I wasn't advocating pure dynamismA Growable Language Manifesto
12/17/2007I was definitely thinkingA Growable Language Manifesto
12/11/2007Hmm, I may be recapitulating historyA Growable Language Manifesto
12/10/2007More specific Erik questionsDemocratizing the Cloud using Microsoft Live Labs Volta

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