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08/03/2009Not on LtU, but..A Functional I/O System (or Fun for Freshman Kids)
08/22/2008Ada, C, C++, and Java vs. The SteelmanAda, C, C++, and Java vs. The Steelman
08/20/2008SchemeIn Praise of Scripting: Real Programming Pragmatism
08/11/2008Boilerplate.Patrick Logan on patterns
08/11/2008If so, then I think you'vePatrick Logan on patterns
07/25/2008IIRC some old versions ofWhat to do about comments?
08/03/2007Lua.Amazon Flexible Payments Service
07/19/2007One possible case studyWhoever does not understand LISP, is doomed to reinvent it.
01/23/2006It doesn't work if you'reInfrastructure Announcement
07/29/2005I'm not any kind of academic,CTM tour during the week of Nov. 7
06/30/2005And he actually uses it as an automated typesystem!Hungarian Notation vs The Right Thing
06/30/2005Defensiveness..Hungarian Notation vs The Right Thing
06/23/2005People on the street..Why recursing is better than looping
06/07/2005Given that the architecture already exists..What will Apple's move to Intel mean for Alternative Language Communities?
05/19/2005If this were slashdot, I'd be karma whoring.Two Thank Yous for Peter van Roy
05/19/2005They still have global vars by default?Grassroots computing languages hit the big time
05/10/2005There's always Crooked TimberMore sites like Lambda
05/10/2005Or start your own.More sites like Lambda
05/10/2005And a community around it, ofMore sites like Lambda
05/01/2005Part of the syntax gives me nightmares.What makes Centum a bad language?
04/19/2005Seems like..Anyone remember Russell (the language, that is)?
02/28/2005See alsoA paper on the Implementation of Lua 5.0
02/01/2005Special purpose heap?Avoiding worst case GC with large amounts of data?
01/26/2005BitC, a new OS implementation languageBitC, a new OS implementation language
01/09/2005And...The Four Questions
01/08/2005Examples of metaprogramming?Ian Bicking: The challenge of metaprogramming
01/02/2005Another shared-state horror storyThe Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software
12/30/2004Erlang has an SDL binding.PL for interactive simulation
12/26/2004Logo.Non-English-Based Programming Languages
12/09/2004Reminds me..Casting SPELs in Lisp
10/30/2004It's a Univerté de Montréal siteThe 90 Minute Scheme to C compiler
10/18/2004What kind of problems?Distributed Functional Programming
10/18/2004And for the sake of discussion..Distributed Functional Programming
10/10/2004In Python..Language design: Escaping escapes
10/10/2004I really should start reading the posts in full.Language design: Escaping escapes
09/28/2004I wonder..Java and coolness, a discussion
09/24/2004See also..Programming Language Popularity
09/25/2004Define popularity.Programming Language Popularity
08/18/2004Wasn't it exactly what he said..Notes from a Concurrency-Oriented Junkie
08/10/2004That's very interesting.PLs and SE
07/29/2004It made my french-made n'importe quoi detector redline.Derrida's Machines
07/22/2004Define "powerful".The C++ Source Journal
07/22/2004None of them, of course.The C++ Source Journal
07/17/2004Lua book available online.Lua book available online.
07/15/2004I loved this oneOCaml Release 3.08.0

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