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11/29/20101Yacc is dead
04/09/2010MacRubyiPhone PL lockdown
01/18/2009Envelopes, Bananas, Barbed Wire for Strings?Path Feasibility Analysis for String-Manipulating Programs
10/12/2007Galois uses HaskellExamples of large-scale functional language projects
08/22/2007Impeding FPCommercial Users of Functional Programming 2007
06/29/2007Forth? In ... 2007?Thinking Forth & Starting Forth
07/04/2007Many Forths Are High-LevelThinking Forth & Starting Forth
06/20/2007Still, I Choose ...Python 3000 Status Update
06/20/2007LtU is an FP SitePython 3000 Status Update
06/20/2007Indeed.Python 3000 Status Update
06/09/2007I AgreeECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation
06/09/2007SML, not OCamlECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation
06/09/2007Porting problemsECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation
06/09/2007Oh. Good, Then.ECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation
05/20/2007QuickCheck in Haskell SyntaxSocial Processes and Proofs of Theorems and Programs
05/20/2007Oh, Blinkenlichten!Social Processes and Proofs of Theorems and Programs

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