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07/06/2012Uh?Why languages and not systems?
06/26/2012local type inferenceLess is exponentially more: Rob Pike on Go and Why C++ Programmers Aren't Flocking to it.
06/06/2012Self defeatingSynth programming language concept
04/24/2012Not only sugarWhy and How People Use R
04/25/2012Difficult to sayWhy and How People Use R
04/25/2012UnsureWhy and How People Use R
02/20/2012Interesting languageJulia, a language for technical computing
02/22/2012Not bikesheeding: just an embarrassing mistakeJulia, a language for technical computing
02/10/2012Strange advocacyEffective Scala
02/05/2012Rarely realy?Active Variables in Common Lisp
04/28/2012Still the "external world" issueSTEPS 2011 Progress Report (personal computing in 20kLOC)
01/18/2012<a href="deca#comment-68891" class="active">Sure it should</a>Deca, an LtU-friendly bare metal systems programming language
01/03/2012<a href="deca#comment-68768" class="active">Why not Ada?</a>Deca, an LtU-friendly bare metal systems programming language
11/18/2011Not reallyREPL-schmepl?
11/14/2011So where's P != NP proof?math proofs are more robust than computer proofs
10/17/2011Not very good post"Crutches in language design", accidental complexity and feature overlap
10/14/2011Not so sureDennis Ritchie passed away
10/10/2011Google's Dart announcedGoogle's Dart announced
09/16/2011Curious generalisationGoogle's "The Future of JavaScript" internal memo leaked
09/14/2011Small?What needs to be done?
09/14/2011Practical basic datatypesWhat needs to be done?
09/01/2011Funny tittlethe gnu extension language
08/27/2011One "old" book that I likequite "old" books discussion
08/29/2011DbCquite "old" books discussion
09/01/2011Well some good books are "bad" tooquite "old" books discussion
09/05/2011RPC is a very, very bad ideaAsynchronous messaging as integral part of programming language
04/23/2011Lot's of impurityNomenclature for impure functions
04/14/2011"as much a value" is debatableRedhat's New Language
04/15/2011AgreedRedhat's New Language
04/15/2011ThanksStaking Claims: A History of Programming Language Design Claims and Evidence
04/18/2011Uh?Staking Claims: A History of Programming Language Design Claims and Evidence
03/22/2011Not new..Bob Harper of CMU is blogging about programming languages and introductory CS education
03/03/2011Thanks for the link [NT]InfoQ Video + transcript of Mark Miller on making ECMAScript secure
03/02/2011Fake reference?Object capabilities for protecting object slots in prototype-based languages?
02/27/2011Some info on Go's GCInfoQ video + transcript of Rob Pike on Go
01/27/2011ThanksI've run out of programming languages to study
12/31/2010debugwritestring? Ouch!Request for feedback: Epoch Programming Language
01/03/2011Not that sure..Memory, Actions and Extensible Syntax
12/21/2010Sigh, a bit lazy?Azul's Pauseless Garbage Collector
12/05/2010An interesting serie butGhosts of Unix Past: a historical search for design patterns
11/29/2010Yacc is dead? In short: NoYacc is dead
12/15/2010Typo?Tolerant vs. Demanding Software
10/14/2010Uh?The barrier to take-up of language innovation
10/15/2010Strange assertionThe barrier to take-up of language innovation
09/16/2010Number unlimited in size?New Dataflow Programming Language
09/17/2010Long live the king..New Dataflow Programming Language
09/03/2010Yet reality didn't complyChoosing a VM for a concurrent language
09/03/2010You're losing the big pictureChoosing a VM for a concurrent language
08/23/2010I wonder why there are notThe Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/24/2010But what should be the default behaviour?The Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/26/2010Masochism?The Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/24/2010Uhm, Java ?The Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/20/2010In theory, yesMiguel de Icaza on Java lawsuit
08/07/2010Added value?Lexical Analysis with Extended Identifiers and Disambiguation by Table Look-up.
07/27/2010Confusingpaper: "Purely Functional Structured Programming"
07/27/2010Thankspaper: "Purely Functional Structured Programming"
07/28/2010Maybe related to namingpaper: "Purely Functional Structured Programming"
04/28/2010pipes have other issue as wellThe Structure of Authority: Why security is not a separable concern
03/11/2010Not alwaysfunctional equivalance?
02/26/2010And more precisely?plt vs. something else for programming in the large?
02/26/2010Unix has very constrained interface?plt vs. something else for programming in the large?
02/24/2010Uh?Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms
02/10/2010Except for equality comparisonsNaNs and reflexivity
01/27/2010Depends on your usersOperator precedence
01/23/2010Does Einstein really say this?Quantum Lambda Calculus
01/20/2010EPR paradox?Quantum Lambda Calculus
12/29/2009An error somewhereClaiming Infinity
12/14/2009Disagree with your first pointWhy Object-Oriented Languages Need Tail Calls
11/14/2009Uh?Go or Unladen Swallow?
10/30/2009Is-it still litterate programming?Literate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
10/16/2009YMMVSafe Garbage Collection = Regions + Intensional Type Analysis
07/29/2009Uh?Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU)
07/30/2009MmmEvaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU)
07/24/2009DependsResolved Debates in Syntax Design ?
07/01/2009goldModern dynamic linking infrastructure for PLT
06/18/2009Bleh should be optionnalHow important is it to have catchalls and interceptors in a programming language
06/18/2009Read againHow important is it to have catchalls and interceptors in a programming language
04/09/2009Quite funnyWhy are objects so unintuitive?
03/30/2009I didn't get everythingSubsumption at all costs
10/12/2011Strange conclusion for case 1Subsumption at all costs
03/08/2009That's a measure of successDao, the official 1.0 version is released
03/08/2009A fashion industryDao, the official 1.0 version is released
02/03/2009Avoiding overflowTagged Arithmetic Optimization
02/03/2009[[Current ML implementationsTagged Arithmetic Optimization
02/04/2009Not hereTagged Arithmetic Optimization
01/30/2009John Hughes's claim is a bit shockingPL Grand Challenges
01/23/2009The issue is about the default typeTony Hoare / Historically Bad Ideas: "Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake"
01/21/2009Really needed? 0!Nested functions - how many nesting levels are really needed?
01/09/2009Depends2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
01/15/2009what's the minimum then?2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
01/16/2009The devil is in the 'and'2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
01/19/2009Thanks2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
01/04/2009Uh?2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
12/20/2008UhIf Programming Languages were &lt;T&gt;
12/17/2008As an asideAny problems with true union types if all values are tagged? (like in a dynamically typed system, Lisp, etc.)
11/09/2008A few remarksThe Origins of the BitC Programming Language
11/10/2008I'm curiousQuestion concerning parameterization over literals
09/27/2008Agreed(NT)Reia: Python/Ruby style language on top of Erlang
09/19/2008A part!The Transactional Memory / Garbage Collection Analogy
09/16/2008Are GC compatible with games engine?Twilight of the GPU
09/17/2008AgreedTwilight of the GPU
09/12/2008Probably OT but still interestingIrresistible programs
09/13/2008Talking about a classic with a bugIrresistible programs
09/17/2008Depends whereIrresistible programs
09/04/2008Still not thereCommunicating Scala Objects
09/03/2008AgreedGoogle chrome
08/27/2008The answer is in the paperTowards Hard Real-Time Erlang
08/26/2008Apparently, it's not-Lisp bashing topicFeatures of Common Lisp
07/23/2008Why restrict it?FP in D 2.0
07/23/2008Logging pure functionFP in D 2.0
07/18/2008Lisaac and AdaSystems programming in languages other than C?
07/16/2008Scope?Practical Bits of Making a Compiler for a New Language
07/14/2008is zero overhead really true?Catch me if you can: Towards type-safe, hierarchical, lightweight, polymorphic and efficient error management in OCaml
06/29/2008.Net equivalent on Unix? Java.The hits and misses of Microsoft
06/28/2008Ada?Request for participation
06/13/2008Not that obviousFunctional Programming in the ACM CS Curriculum
05/27/2008No proofSoftware complexity as means of professional advancement
05/27/2008BahSoftware complexity as means of professional advancement
05/20/2008Not surprisingScala Lift Off Unconference review
05/10/2008ThanksOO via first class enviroments: Bla
04/25/2008Agreed.2nd Revision of "Thoughts about the Best Introductory Language"
03/25/2008Code?STEPS Toward The Reinvention of Programming: First Year Progress Report
03/25/2008ThanksSTEPS Toward The Reinvention of Programming: First Year Progress Report
02/27/2008When there's "nothing" to doexceptions again
02/27/2008Very interestingChris Okasaki on Indentation Syntax
01/31/2008Not restricted to FPDon't try FP in industry!
01/31/2008BahArc is released
01/27/2008Real-Time or not?Embedded concurrent FPish languages?
01/31/2008Thanks.Embedded concurrent FPish languages?
01/16/2008Just some pointsRuby vs. Smalltalk
01/15/2008Not really.Prediction for 2008
01/15/2008SighPrediction for 2008
01/24/2008+1Prediction for 2008
12/12/2007Hard to sayAvi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/13/2007Only to beginnersAvi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/15/2007No: easy only for beginnersAvi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/06/2007C's syntax for variable declaration is uglypoll: syntax
12/05/2007Pythonpoll: syntax
12/06/2007Very doutful that QNL would be useful for writingpoll: syntax
12/07/2007Not convincingpoll: syntax
12/08/2007Debatablepoll: syntax
12/12/2007Haskell is quite alienpoll: syntax
12/03/2007Premature deduction IMHOQuantifying the Performance of Garbage Collection vs. Explicit Memory Management
10/25/2007keyword == parameter passing by nameOn DSL, Smalltalk and FP
10/25/2007I wouldn't call rand deterministicOn the Importance of Purity
10/05/2007XQuery's syntax, strange.Introducing the XQVM programming language.
09/18/2007What is an 'uniqueness type'?Uniqueness Types Instead STM
09/18/2007Not for outsidersOnline video course on monads
09/03/2007One thing they forgot: infightingNo Name: Just Notes on Software Reuse
08/27/2007InterestingD Programming Language Conference
08/28/2007Curious tooGarbage Collection Without Paging
08/28/2007Difference with 'Page level Cooperative GC'?Garbage Collection Without Paging
08/09/2007Some of the problem are commonRalph Johnson: Erlang, the next Java
08/01/2007it's --&gt; itsMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/01/2007Well, maybe he wants to makeMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
08/09/2007There is no single 'right' directionMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
06/25/2007Local only thoughCarnap Programming Language
07/01/2007Too bad, it starts with SYN, ACKTrickles: A Stateless Network Stack for Improved Scalability, Resilience and Flexibility
05/27/2007No difference, what about recursion?Lambda in C# 3.0
05/10/2007But is-it pratical?"The language of the future is javascript"
05/04/2007For things used only once,Rules of good declarative language design
05/04/2007As you asked for opinions: IFunctional Object-Oriented Programming
05/07/2007Security issueIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
05/17/2007Relative efficiencyIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
05/19/2007StrangeIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
05/12/2007Most niches?Microsoft's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
05/15/2007Interesting.Microsoft's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
05/16/2007Thinking backMicrosoft's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
04/18/2007extremely accessible???Course on Interactive Computer Theorem Proving Based on Coq
04/23/2007Comparing apples and oranges.Thoughts about the Best Introductory Language
04/02/2007InterestingPutting functional database theory into practice: NixOS
03/23/2007At the endNo Ifs, Ands, or Buts
03/11/2007That's debatable: when theGilad Bracha on tuples
02/25/2007Thanks for the linkOn the fact that the Atlantic Ocean has two sides
03/03/2007Interoperability with who?The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet
02/26/2007InterestingDao, a new programming language
02/26/2007-For the exception handling:Dao, a new programming language
03/07/2007Maybe you could have a lookDao, a new programming language
02/13/2007FamiliarityEasy to learn and use
02/14/2007Easy to learn and useEasy to learn and use
02/14/2007I meant unknown in theEasy to learn and use
02/20/2007OK, I've finally found someEasy to learn and use
03/06/2007Thanks for your answer, noteEasy to learn and use
02/14/2007I would say that PythonEasy to learn and use
02/09/2007While his point isPatrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
02/07/2007OK for small scale SMPACM Queue: Realtime Garbage Collection
02/05/2007Fit with Albert?Meta-Compilation of Language Abstractions
01/21/2007I think that the 'yay' wasF3: New statically typed scripting language for java
01/17/2007&gt;it can be distributed withGreat Expectations: Java Virtual Machine
02/10/2007Depends on the domainWhy people don't use functional programming?
01/03/2007Both are uglyWhy numbering should start at 0
01/02/2007&gt; But I think it worth it -"Limits to implicit parallelism in functional application"
12/22/2006Thanks for the link, a veryMisc items
12/18/2006But do you really want toWhy do we need finally in try?
12/08/2006My take: handling 'diskExceptions
12/13/2006This idea has beenExceptions
05/15/2008Uh?Programming (language) puzzles
11/24/2006Or should the result ofDe-Scheming MIT?
10/30/2006Still hardBest Introduction To Monads For Newbies (& Especially Imparative Minds) I'v Ever Read!!!
10/31/2006Yes, thanks using the typeBest Introduction To Monads For Newbies (& Especially Imparative Minds) I'v Ever Read!!!
10/30/2006Perhaps Scala or DWant to learn something new
10/31/2006Note that it's not me whoWant to learn something new
10/31/2006I was sure that I've readWant to learn something new
11/10/2006Not a judgement.Want to learn something new
11/05/2006Wrong I believeFuture of software design?
10/16/2006Well I think that his pointGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
10/06/2006I agree that more humanAssembly language for Power Architecture
10/06/2006OK let'me try thisAssembly language for Power Architecture
10/06/2006Too bad Limbo is totallyGoogle Code Search
10/06/2006Could you give an exampleGoogle Code Search
10/03/2006Well for readability, I'dAn Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction
10/02/2006I'm not surprised that yourMachine Obstructed Proof
06/21/2006Rule #1: provide good complete specRules for Developing Safety-Critical Code
06/18/2006Note that we're talkingWhy only 'minimal' languages
06/16/2006Many feature in the language --&gt; implementation problemWhy only 'minimal' languages
05/22/2006Too verbose/unclearGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/22/2006Agreed about your point,Gilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/16/2006Well you can considerruby vs python
03/30/2009ThanksFunctional Relational Programming: Out of the tar pit
02/21/2006I'm not sure I understandGilad Is Right
02/12/2006Tongue in cheek?Guido: Language Design Is Not Just Solving Puzzles
02/12/2006Well, I find this pointGuido: Language Design Is Not Just Solving Puzzles
02/19/2006I'm not an expert but aren'tInterval Datatype
02/04/2006I think that he calls it aUnix as programming language
02/04/2006I had to maintain a quiteUnix as programming language
10/26/2009Only?The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
10/26/2009After reading thisThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/04/2006Note that there is researchThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/02/2006GC for memory, ok but for resources?The Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/05/2006I disagree: verbosity is aThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
10/18/2008Linux for work, WindowsXP for gamesChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/11/2006>> "There is no standard syntTim Bray: Don't Invent XML Languages
01/01/2006I didn't use Scala, just readAuld Lang Alice
01/02/2006New python? Not reallyAuld Lang Alice
12/30/2005An interesting article linked by GPGPUAccelerator: simplified programming of graphics processing units for general-purpose uses via data-parallelism
12/30/2005Depends what you call "good"Accelerator: simplified programming of graphics processing units for general-purpose uses via data-parallelism
01/03/2006Already done.Accelerator: simplified programming of graphics processing units for general-purpose uses via data-parallelism
01/06/2006> Dem's fightin' words! LittlAccelerator: simplified programming of graphics processing units for general-purpose uses via data-parallelism
11/10/2005Simplicity?CaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
11/12/2005About multiple inheritanceOCaml 3.0.9
11/06/2005Could you clarify?An Overview of the Singularity Project
09/25/2005Enabling tail-call optimisatiDon Box: Scheme Is Love
08/31/2005Static typing with explicit type declaration is wordyTim Bray on Ruby
08/06/2005Note that nobody has reused tOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/08/2005WhoopsOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
07/30/2005Bah, having only interface maA Typed Intermediate Language for Compiling Multiple Inheritance
07/31/2005I still don't get your firstA Typed Intermediate Language for Compiling Multiple Inheritance
07/12/2005I disagree: readability is keyStatic Typing Where Possible, Dynamic Typing When Needed
07/01/2006Not by handSudoku
06/11/2005Uh?Happy Birthday, PHP...
06/26/2008Doesn't matter.Let's make a programming language!
02/28/2005A paper on the Implementation of Lua 5.0A paper on the Implementation of Lua 5.0
02/23/2005Language matter less than good feedbackDon Box: Teaching my kids to program
11/18/2004Skribe language looks cleaner that Lout.Skribe 1.2b released
11/18/2004You have a pointSkribe 1.2b released
11/21/2004DependsSkribe 1.2b released
10/26/2004I wouldn't use popularity as a criteriaDr. Kenneth Iverson Passes Away
01/29/2009A trade-offExplaining monads
12/16/2008Different levelExplaining monads
12/19/2008Thanks a lotExplaining monads

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