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02/02/2010Musculature and ChemicalsWhat data sets would tell you the most about what sort of programming language to design?
10/26/2009Useful in a different wayDesign Patterns 15 Years Later: An Interview with Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, and Ralph Johnson
10/28/2009Course book is free for ACM MembersErik Meijer's MSDN Channel 9 lecture series on functional programming
06/24/2009Ramble AlertMental animation: Inferring motion from static diagrams of mechanical systems.
04/16/2009What makes it so great?Why are objects so unintuitive?
01/29/2009PerformativesPL Grand Challenges
01/29/2009YesPL Grand Challenges
02/03/2009Standard TextbookPL Grand Challenges
01/29/2009Work backwards?Graduate Programs in Programming Language Design/Research/Implementation?
09/06/2007Thanks!History of causes as object identity
09/28/2007Looks like Elephant wasHistory of causes as object identity
03/16/2006LatourSocial science research about programming language adoption?
02/03/2009Review?Design Concepts in Programming Languages
02/26/2009Another good LOGO & Kid BookDon Box: Teaching my kids to program
02/26/2009Teaching Math with LogoDon Box: Teaching my kids to program

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