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07/28/2009survey by Clinger, Hartheimer and OstRepresenting Control in the Presence of First-Class Continuations
10/15/2006Butler Lampson has a similar listGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
10/15/2006whoopsGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
04/13/2006and update all construction sitesFlexible Addition of Static Typing to Dynamically Typed Programs
11/06/2005videos mislabelled?iPod-compatible SICP
06/01/2005email info. . .LtU needs you!
05/28/2005mutability (somewhat) leads to the value restrictionGenerics: The Importance of Wildcards
05/12/2005"pronounce it"Python Challenge
03/18/2005Karl Sims, I love you!Will Wright Presents Spore... and a New Way to Think About Games

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