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04/13/2011Look at slide 6Redhat's New Language
04/14/2011Yes I did!Redhat's New Language
04/14/2011It isn't a keyword,Redhat's New Language
04/14/2011Yes, that's what I first thoughtRedhat's New Language
04/15/2011Well if its not positionalRedhat's New Language
04/14/2011Isn't everything non-reducible but representable always a value?Redhat's New Language
04/14/2011Not only thatRedhat's New Language
02/22/2011Profiel: Henk Barendregt: Lambda calculus hits the tubeProfiel: Henk Barendregt: Lambda calculus hits the tube
02/24/2011Unfortunately, not in EnglishProfiel: Henk Barendregt: Lambda calculus hits the tube
09/30/2010code maps = literate programSoftware Development with Code Maps
09/30/2010Well, I guess for code mapsSoftware Development with Code Maps
10/01/2010I recall that one of theSoftware Development with Code Maps
10/01/2010Well, if there is noSoftware Development with Code Maps
10/29/2009LP and aspect orientationLiterate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
10/29/2009What about visuals?Literate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
11/20/2009C99 has non-null arraysTony Hoare / Historically Bad Ideas: "Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake"

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