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11/29/2010I wrote about thisTolerant vs. Demanding Software
11/30/2010There are two questionsTolerant vs. Demanding Software
11/30/2010See my earlier response toTolerant vs. Demanding Software
12/01/2010In most instances, we failed the individual requestTolerant vs. Demanding Software
12/04/2010I suspect that johnwcowanTolerant vs. Demanding Software
12/01/2010Absolutely spot onTolerant vs. Demanding Software
11/28/2010Definitely intended as an introductionSeven Languages in Seven Weeks
11/28/2010Yes, absolutely. Bruce isn'tSeven Languages in Seven Weeks
11/28/2010I stand corrected, Ehud.Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
08/11/2009DSLsSeeking examples of programming language knowledge has helped students, companies, etc.
07/04/2009Help, this is driving me mad!Help, this is driving me mad!
07/05/2009Thanks everyone - my miseryHelp, this is driving me mad!
04/14/2008In my experience, theCareer paths and concerns
04/08/2008DubyStatic Analysis for Duck Typing
10/27/2007Searching for a quoteSearching for a quote
09/09/2007Solving Escape from Zurg in RubyEscape from Zurg: An Exercise in Logic Programming

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