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06/11/2010Read the discussion pages of the tasks for more infoRosetta Challenge Tasks added to the 2010 Dyalog Programming Contest
04/18/2010Who would be asked to do this?SEC interested in formalising contracts ... in Python
05/13/2009Plumbing geeks and PythonWhy Did M.I.T. Switch from Scheme to Python?
01/18/2009Self-modifying code and evalWhat Are The Resolved Debates in General Purpose Language Design?
01/07/2009Per-chip Licensing2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
08/24/2008Lisp - Hardly compellingFeatures of Common Lisp
08/25/2008Yes, Some code is out there.Features of Common Lisp
08/24/2008Rewrite, but not exactly the sameIn Praise of Scripting: Real Programming Pragmatism
07/18/2008List of Python toolsEasiest language to make binding for?
04/27/2008IT IS NOT DUCK TYPING!!Static Analysis for Duck Typing
04/27/2008GIving type backStatic Analysis for Duck Typing
04/28/2008GADTS for DuckDecoy?Static Analysis for Duck Typing
08/24/2007Duck Typing advocated where?Duck Typing advocated where?
08/24/2007Structural vs DuckDuck Typing advocated where?
01/13/2007First, assume Statically typed languages are superiorInterlanguage Migration: From Scripts to Programs
11/23/2006Python Section 1.1.7 needs less floatDe-Scheming MIT?

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