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08/08/2005and btw, Ruby and Python _areHave scripting languages peaked?
08/08/2005You are correct that the cutMercury Vs Prolog
07/06/2005Dynamic Languages Journal?Dynamic Languages Journal?
07/07/2005Yes, dead treesDynamic Languages Journal?
06/30/2005Missing the point?Hungarian Notation vs The Right Thing
06/07/2005SICPA question I have been meaning to ask.
05/17/2005Two words: synthetic codeGrassroots computing languages hit the big time
05/14/2005COBOL isn't dead, but it should beA question about COBOL!
05/14/2005I wasn't meaning to imply thaA question about COBOL!
05/14/2005New COBOLA question about COBOL!
05/14/2005I want context for that quoteA question about COBOL!
05/14/2005COBOL's Achille's HeelA question about COBOL!

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