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09/27/2011It seems that Dijkstra wasMetaphors we Program By: Space, Action and Society in Java
09/27/2011Common Lisp as part of itsGoogle's "The Future of JavaScript" internal memo leaked
09/08/2011Replicated experiments in computer scienceReplicated experiments in computer science
09/05/2011You're putting the cartthe gnu extension language
08/30/2011...PHP language research...PHP language research
08/31/2011What's the DCI part mean?...PHP language research
08/26/2011How did you get burned byOpa
08/27/2011If your university and yourOpa
08/26/2011If the technical benefitsOpa
11/08/2009A Formula is Worth a Thousand PicturesLiterate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
11/10/2009Testing LPLiterate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
09/30/2009Multi-touch != mouseJVM language summit 2009
07/22/2009Somewhat offtopicIterators Must Go
11/08/2008Burst Tries paperBurst Tries paper
03/19/2008Implementation vs. language specLisp creates lisp
11/20/2007Curious in CanadaSamurai - Protecting Critical Data in Unsafe Languages
11/26/2007The high-level wheelSamurai - Protecting Critical Data in Unsafe Languages
11/26/2007Samurai - Protecting Critical Data in Unsafe LanguagesSamurai - Protecting Critical Data in Unsafe Languages
10/19/2007SchemeAny multi-threaded interpreters?
10/15/2007Sorta worksMorphic in your Browser

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