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06/11/2012HardwareGraphical languages of the Russian space program
11/30/2010ADAlanguages with call by value only (and maybe closures)?
09/13/2010Meta- and Macro-Fortifying Macros
04/20/2010CPU DesignHow can C Programs be so Reliable?
04/22/2010Fault toleranceHow can C Programs be so Reliable?
04/12/2010PL historyTechnomasochism
03/29/2010TCLTcl the Misunderstood
03/26/2010No need of programmerWill data-intensive computing revolutionize programming languages?
03/01/2010[PURE] FUNCTION NOT(CONSTANT X:IN std_logic) RETURN std_logic;Advantages of Purity
02/10/2010Not AlwaysNaNs and reflexivity
02/12/2010My faultNaNs and reflexivity
05/16/2008Self DocsHardwired polymorphism
04/09/2008HDLSimply efficient functional reactivity
09/28/2007RemarksFPGA CPUs
02/28/2007HW and SWEd Felten: Why Understanding Programs is Hard
03/02/2007Test Bench VHDL StyleEd Felten: Why Understanding Programs is Hard
10/06/2006MineAssembly language for Power Architecture
08/29/2006Special SyntaxMulti-Stage Languages
07/20/2006Using Java for criticalA Comparison of Ada and Real-Time Java for Safety-Critical Applications
06/09/2006MetaprogrammationPublic resources for ECMAScript Edition 4
06/16/2006Real usesFirst Class Values, Types as values within a Programming Language

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