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09/28/2009Interview with Joe Armstrong and Simon Peyton-JonesInterview with Joe Armstrong and Simon Peyton-Jones
04/18/2009TclHow to ensure safety when millions of users inject scripts into a running system?
03/26/2009Data, "Scalability"Influence of cognitive models on programming language design
03/26/2009I was referring more toInfluence of cognitive models on programming language design
12/29/2008JVM languages coming into their own2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
09/26/2008Reia: Python/Ruby style language on top of ErlangReia: Python/Ruby style language on top of Erlang
12/12/2007What didn't work?Avi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/13/2007You can't have one without the otherAvi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
10/24/2007Threaded 'language' vs interpreterAny multi-threaded interpreters?
09/25/2007Futures MarketThe Future(s)
05/12/2007eval?Sun's new JavaFX Script language
05/15/2007Evaluating code supplied at runtimeSun's new JavaFX Script language
05/16/2007J2MESun's new JavaFX Script language
10/04/2006call by ? and mental modelscall by ? and mental models
10/04/2006Easy for you and Icall by ? and mental models
10/05/2006Consistencycall by ? and mental models
07/12/2006HeclCan anyone here help a newbie on language interpretation, want book reference and possible sample code.
05/17/2006Tclruby vs python
04/27/2006Implementation of HeclImplementation of Hecl
04/28/2006Hi - the point of theImplementation of Hecl
04/28/2006Don't think soImplementation of Hecl
04/26/2006What apps use it, though?Build your own scripting language for Java
03/16/2006I think it's interesting!Social science research about programming language adoption?
11/18/2005The economics of programming languagesRuby the Rival
11/03/2005Read a fileBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
11/04/2005Do the obvious thing firstBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/07/2005Interesting articleScalability
08/29/2005If it gets into production...Tim Bray on Ruby
08/15/2005TclSyntax Design
08/08/2005C buys you lots of librariesHave scripting languages peaked?
08/09/2005Yes, but...Have scripting languages peaked?
07/18/2005Economics of Programming LanguagesEconomics of Programming Languages
07/24/2005Why care? It's interesting, first of allEconomics of Programming Languages
07/25/2005Interacting with the worldEconomics of Programming Languages
05/19/2005"Downwardly scalable"Grassroots computing languages hit the big time
04/11/2005Consider your usersLanguage Design 101
03/15/2005CritclEmbedding one language in another
03/05/2005Tcl and TkAdobe Releases Adam and Eve
01/22/2005Keeping it realGetting Started
01/08/2005ScalabilityIan Bicking: The challenge of metaprogramming
12/01/2004Downwardly Scalable LanguagesDownwardly Scalable Languages
12/01/2004Hardware vs PeopleDownwardly Scalable Languages
12/02/2004SystemsDownwardly Scalable Languages
12/02/2004As a language...Downwardly Scalable Languages
11/29/2004Not 'visual tools', but user friendly languagesThe IDE Divide
11/22/2004HeclLittle language for use within Java, suited for users to define "rules"
11/23/2004Smaller, simplerLittle language for use within Java, suited for users to define "rules"
11/28/2004ConfusionLittle language for use within Java, suited for users to define "rules"
10/22/2004Page of CodeHeron Language Specification
10/18/2004Two Languages (high+low level) vs One LanguageTwo Languages (high+low level) vs One Language
09/25/2004Extra data pointProgramming Language Popularity
09/25/2004You are ignoring the other data sourcesProgramming Language Popularity
09/25/2004Survey MethodsProgramming Language Popularity
09/18/2004Languages should scale"... because common people think like so-and-so..."
09/06/2004())))(())(The Human-Language Interface
09/09/2004Bad Editors!The Human-Language Interface
08/28/2004Google AdSense is pretty goodAmazon Associates (+ other advertising)
08/13/2004Scriptable GDB with TclMzTake: A Scriptable Debugger
07/22/2004Network ExternalitiesIt's the language, stupid. Or is it?
07/02/2004ScutigenaThe Language Wars are Dead; Long Live the Language Wars!
06/14/2004Re: Slow News Day: How About Some Benchmarks?Slow News Day: How About Some Benchmarks?

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