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12/14/2010SQL and C++"Future of Programming Languages" panel
12/14/2010Tradeoffs and complexity..."Future of Programming Languages" panel
11/24/2009A few more itemsThe perfect advanced programming language for the productive industrial developer
11/11/2009ExpedienceCompilation to C, a definitive guide?
09/09/2009Beat me to itCreate Your Own Programming Language (book)
08/23/2011I take it backCreate Your Own Programming Language (book)
09/10/2009Merger?Scheme to be split into two languages
12/14/2010hindsightOracle, Sun, and Fortress
07/07/2007Interesting, but...Tail call experiment
07/02/2007Niche market?Forth in hardware ("not dead yet")
07/06/2007That's what it's good forForth in hardware ("not dead yet")

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