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05/02/2010"Church v. Curry" considered misleading...and intersection typesTyped Lambda Calculus
12/18/2009Why not mix?An Innocent Model of Linear Logic
12/19/2009Re: DesignsAn Innocent Model of Linear Logic
12/15/2009Game semantics for gamesClaiming Infinity
12/15/2009computing with the Dedekind realsClaiming Infinity
12/16/2009The problem is that theClaiming Infinity
10/23/2009Thanks for the publicity.Have your AHOS and eat HOAS too!
10/12/2009Perhaps what you are afterAlgorithms for inferring most specific types?
10/04/2009this is a great precedent.ICFP 2009 videos
05/01/2009self-interpreterLooking for list of programming problems to thoroughly test a language
01/06/2009I think namin meant to write"Determinism" of types?
01/06/2009Yes"Determinism" of types?
12/23/2008"Representing monads"Functional Pearl: Type-safe pattern combinators
12/14/2008There isn't much a typeFundamental Flaws in Current Programming Language Type Systems
11/20/2008Guy Steele gave anCurrent "hot" topics in parallel programming?
10/26/2008The flip side is that if youSummary of Dependently Typed Systems?
10/26/2008In contrast, seriousSummary of Dependently Typed Systems?
10/26/2008thanks for the backgroundSummary of Dependently Typed Systems?
10/26/2008I was being hyperbolic,Summary of Dependently Typed Systems?
06/02/2008type soundnessDead-end theorems
06/02/2008Sorry, I was confused byDead-end theorems
03/12/2007I believe the answer to yourExpressing Heap-shape Contracts in Linear Logic

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