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07/29/2010The C Object System (COS)The C Object System (COS)
07/30/2010Repackage for other languages?The C Object System (COS)
11/07/2009shoes and pathsJohn Hughes on Erlang and Haskell
07/01/2009Re why has it taken so long?Modern dynamic linking infrastructure for PLT
06/16/2006Strawman orientation languageLtU: blog not forum!
04/22/2004Linj - creates Java code from CL derivativeLinj - creates Java code from CL derivative
03/27/2004Re: ProthonProthon
02/11/2004Re: History of LuaHistory of Lua
01/04/2004Re: Perl as a community DSLPerl as a community DSL
01/04/2004Re: PEP 323: Copyable IteratorsPEP 323: Copyable Iterators
10/20/2003Re: B. Stroustrup: Serving the C++ CommunityB. Stroustrup: Serving the C++ Community
09/04/2003Re: Why don't more people use Prolog?Why don't more people use Prolog?
07/24/2003Re: Microsoft Forges Ahead With New Compiler TechnologyMicrosoft Forges Ahead With New Compiler Technology
06/15/2003Re: TPK Algorithm in Different Programming LanguagesTPK Algorithm in Different Programming Languages

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