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05/27/2006Is Haskell a good choice for OS developmentLinspire chooses Haskell as preferred language
05/22/2006HeheErlang/OTP release with multiprocessor support
02/15/2006Automata Theory and Reactive Systems in EnglishHaskell video lectures online
02/16/2006Bill and Sun's patentsInterval Computations
01/31/2006Everything Your Professor Failed to Tell You About Functional ProgrammingEverything Your Professor Failed to Tell You About Functional Programming
01/24/2006FreeBSD 6 , Windows XP, Nintendo DS and GamecubeChoice of OS of LtU readers
12/30/2005Erlang?Guy Steele on Language Design
12/14/2005Thank you.BBC Radio 4 Programme about the History and Development of AI
12/02/2005Where are the EOPC results?Code Reading
12/02/2005Why is nobody citing Knuth?Code Reading
11/10/2005Edsger Wybe Dijkstra! (not Dijstra or Dijsta)Battling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/08/2005Anyone going to Z├╝rich to see Knuth?Don Knuth: Musings and More

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