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06/12/2008trade schoolsFunctional Programming in the ACM CS Curriculum
06/08/2008scanMap-reduce-merge: simplified relational data processing on large clusters
04/22/2008Parametric polymorphismDependent Types, Generic Programming and Overloading.
11/22/2007The value restrictionSamurai - Protecting Critical Data in Unsafe Languages
04/22/2008NESLFolding neither Left nor Right (or how to avoid overspecifying the solution to a problem)
09/23/2004books to readReferences for Beginners in PL Theory
09/23/2004Why a new language?newLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...
09/23/2004What standard?newLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...
09/15/2004newLISP ... a WORSE LispnewLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...
09/20/2004Type inference usually refersMore from Udell on typing
09/20/2004But a language can explicitlyMore from Udell on typing
09/20/2004Interactive developmentMore from Udell on typing

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